Friday, February 15, 2008

Beauty from within

About 6 months ago, I introduced Neroli blended oil. Neroli is an oil which really bring calmness and radiant skin. Using Neroli is just like taking tonic, we do not use it everyday.

Some may experienced breakout on the second day after using Neroli. It is actually a sign of detox.

Correct usage of Neroli oil:
Cleanse your face. Add 1 - 2 drops of Neroli blended oil onto your palm. Rub both palms together till warm and massage the face lightly for a minute. You can leave it on and go to sleep. Dap slightly with tissue if you feel its a bit rich.

You can add 20 drops of Neroli blended oil into 100ml body lotion. This will enhance your body lotion. Neroli blended oil can also be used as a very good hair treatment. Simply apply 5 drops of the oil onto your palms and rub your hair. Thereafter, wrap with warm towel for 5 mins and rinse off.

Fresh Blend Neroli flora oil with Apricot kernel 20ml : $45


Anonymous said...

lao shi i love this neroli, i wonder , if i can use it on my baby.


Anonymous said...

HI Bryan,
I bought Neroli and Rice Bran Oil from you recently. Just browse thru your blog on correct usage of Neroli Oil. Looks like these 2 oil share the same usage, is it right?

Anonymous said...


Is Neroli skin suitable for Combination skin?