Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz - A stone of love. A stone to bring calmness, not really to attract your love but to heal your heart and bring it to balance. And very importantly, to achieve loving kindness.

Remember only when you are ready and when you are as a whole, the right person will come.

For family loving harmony, put rose quartz at the right side of your house once you enter the main door.

More information will be out on how to use rose quartz for facial massage.


Anonymous said...

agreed. when u r ready, luv will find u one..


always believe there will be someone special 4 u..

Anonymous said...


may i know how much is your slimming serum?


Anonymous said...

agreed. rose quartz is a very loving and calming stone. I got one for my family harmony and i think it works.


Anonymous said...

Hi Byran,

I'm a new blogger,jus wanna thanks u for all the info u ve share with us. Really appreciate wat u r doing. Can i check with u where can i can the rose quartz.