Friday, February 22, 2008

Anti-ageing checklist A

Have you ever wonder why you feel tired all the time even though you are taking vitamins and supplements regularly? Well, taking vitamins is a western method. You must combine it with Eastern methods for beauty and health. Eastern methods include drinking soup, acupressure for good blood circulation.

Bryan's anti-ageing Checklist (A) (Coming up B and C)

1. Drink a glass of warm honey water every morning. 1 teaspoon honey will do. Eating breakfast is important.
2. Lunch must eat. Dinner eat light. (Try not to eat after 7.30pm)
3. Footbath with Rosemary (high anioxidant) and Petitgrain 2 drops each in warm water. Immerse for 15mins, 3 times a week. Press the point "Yong Quan Xue" as shown in previous blog.

Research on Market serum:

Doing research one products is part of my job and its something that I enjoyed doing :)

A 5 ml bottle of serum from XXX brand cost $60+++. I tried it but the effect is so so and a bit oily for me so I came up with my own serum which cost $68 for 35ml.


Anonymous said...

bryan laoshi, i finish a bottle of ur serum, is really good. SHould i continue using these one or the $45one:>

li rong

Anonymous said...

Bryan laoshi,

I would like to try out the neroli oil but is it suitable for sensitive skin?

Waiting for your reply & thank you.


Anonymous said...

Your rosemary is special , i saw the name spanish, why is that so.I love the natural fresh smell compare to other rosemary, hope you can tell us more about this spanish rosemary.

The nite cream is very silky smooth thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi SG,

janis here, he mentioned in the class neroli may not be suitable for sensitive skin, i have sensitive skin but i use once a wee. IS very individual,if ur sin can use olive oil, than is ok.

I think u can use anti-age serum , because after using together with milk cleanser from bioessence my skin is better

Anonymous said...

lao shi, there are many irresponisble people around, by reading your blog, teach me to be more responsible because i dont like to give people false hope. When i first started my business alot of people say help me introduce this and that , end up is just saying, when i look for them they either ignore or no time. I learn my lessons. ahahha .

Very nice website, in my office everyone is talking about ur blog, is kinda of lunch time talk.


Anonymous said...

Hi Janis,

Thanks for your help. I also bought the anti-age serum from Bryan Lao Shi. After using, skin feels smooth & better. Did you try the nite cream?


Anonymous said...

HI SG, i have not tried the nite cream yet, but will do so when my own moisturiser is finished. But will definitely try the cream.