Thursday, February 21, 2008

U and your lip

Today is the 15th of the lunar month. I wish everyone happiness and prosperity. Many of you came to get know about my work through workshops and different media. And thanks to many of you for introducing my work to your companies, friends etc. I hope you have learnt something good and beneficial :) If any of your company wish to have a 2 hour of fun and relaxing workshop, do contact me :)

Well, perhaps its about time to change your lipstick. Good lipstick does make a difference. My latest beauty research is on the the latest range of lipsticks from DIOR. Cost between $30 to $40. A range of nice luxurious colours for all ages. Actually, whenever I see ladies with lipstick color not suitable for them, I wanted to tell them but worried I might offend them instead!
Lipstick has been a fashion statement for many ladies. However, choosing the wrong color will fail to bring out the beauty of your lips or face. Try consulting the beauty advisors at the cosmetic countes before you made your purchase. They might be able to give you some good advice which you never realise :D
I know there is a free consultation at CK Tang DIOR counter. Look for Chris. He will be able to give you some good advice. And also don't forget to get some samples from him :D

NB: updated :
One of the flower shops in Orchard put my fengshui crystal garden design and got awarded for best florist. Take a look at the garden. I designed it 3 years ago. You can also order nice flower arrangements and nice furniture from this flower shop too.


Anonymous said...

bryan lao shi, attended your seminar 2 years ago. I have just joined a new company, will let my HR know.

Oh thanks for the facial steaming method u teach is really good.

Anonymous said...

saw u at raffles city

jason market place

u with a male friend


*Bryan Gan* said...

YEah preparing my seminar getting rosemary herbs there. Next time come and say Halo to me.

Anonymous said...

Lao shi, my husband sinus has improved alot, He seldom wake up at night. He used to have difficulty sleeping and every morning his sinus caused him to have a very puffy eyes. After the acupressue you teach and the herbs. He recovered 70%. Very grateful really

Today wish you have a happy Yuan
siao Day.

Renie Yan said...

Bryan lao shi happy new year, have been listening to you since May 2007. You are a great guy. I have your range of skincare products. Is really good.

Hope you can continue to share. Just a feedback too, the neroli oil is very good for those who g to colder country, i went shanghai 2 months ago was very cold. All my travelmate has skin peeling because of dryness except me. Because i was using your neroli oil. I help you promote , and when i am in the tour bus, some of strangers say they smell something nice. ahaha actually is the neroli flora oil.

thank you


Anonymous said...

I want to wish you and you family all the best. You bring laughter to our school. And we are grateful to you.

.... Lynn

Anonymous said...

Would not want to say much.

Have reading your blog. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan Lao Shi,

Is Neroli oil suitable for sensitive skin?

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,
Can u advise any aromatherapy oil is useful to apply to prevent snoring at night?

Anonymous said...

dear bryan,

u so engrossed talking to ur fren, so we din disturb u loh ... .. ..

anyway, i want to buy ur wealth bowl, but too ex for me, cos i just started work ..

can u come up with something similar like the wealth bowl, but at a cheaper rate for those like us who cannot afford initially ...

also, the crystal garden, how much?

thanks alot


Anonymous said...

bryan laoshi,

care to share wat u mean by lipstick not suitable on the person, u mean it does not match the clothing or in wat sense
pls advise


Anonymous said...

lipstick colour is to bring out the beauty in your face la...

not to match yr clothing!!