Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ginseng -- Tune in to radio today

Hi all. Feel really surprised and shocked to be interviewed by Sin Min newpaper yesterday. Get a copy if you can but don't laugh at me k. Its yesterday evening paper.

Today, Yong Mei and I will talk about using Ginseng correctly for beauty and health on FM 97.2
I have researched on quite a few medical halls. There is one particular medical hall that I like to patronise. It sells good herbs. The uncle is very knowledgeable and friendly. The address is Blk 21 Old Airport road, #01-99. Check it out when you are free. There are 2 medical halls so don't go to the wrong one k. I have a friend who has sinus and his condition has improved greatly by getting herbs from here - each time only $4. Fresh herbs. Boil the herbs yourself.

Remember I mentioned before about the famous chinese Professor Xu (Doctor Koh)? Well, it is good to consult a good chinese physician at least once a year to check your pulse and see which area you are weak at. It cost less than $50 with acupuncture and medicine. He is a very famous Professor who specialised in pain management, insomnia or any health problems. His address is 333 Kreta Ayer Road #01-12. Remember to call his number 63230898 in advance to make appointment. .

Ginseng ---- My mummy will make Ginseng Chicken soup for the whole family once a month, especially on a sunday night. This soup is good for beauty and health. We do not spend a lot of money on tonic or supplements but we like to follow the Chinese tradition methods to build up immune system & reduce chances of getting illnesses. Well, Ginseng Chicken soup recipe out soon. Heheheeee....Must get the recipe from mummy first!
As shown on the picture above. From your left, the 2 ginsengs cost only $4. Whereas the ones on your right cost $40. I preferred to use good quality ones because one piece alone can make a soup for 4 persons. You can also make more soup and keep it till next day.


Anonymous said...

Bryan, how come you never recommend Mdm Ng liao? Mdm Ng is also a very good and responsible doctor. I find her very knowledgeable and her charges are very reasonable too.

Anonymous said...

Bryan Laoshi,

Can you type out the recipe for the bad-mouth breath....i'm interested to get for my kin. DO you mind to type them out . TIA


*Bryan Gan* said...

Hi i got introduce Mdm Ng also la, one by one because i cannot like side each of them ahahha.. Because Mdm Ng i ask her permission yet, she dont wan me to post her contact wor. Will ask her again.

Joyce , i will type out next post ok. I need take picture

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan laoshi
I didnt know that ginseng can be bought at $4 or $40,always thought ginseng are very expensive,some medicinal hall are selling at $500plus which is very expensive to afford, but they said is of good quality, and can grind into powder form,is that right?

*Bryan Gan* said...

$500 are Ye3 san1 ren2 shen1, grow in mountain. This $40 one are the man-grown.

And ye3 san1 can be $20000 or more.

I dont grind to powder because i still belief herbs must cook and more properties.

Anonymous said...

i visited the herbs shop at old airport road, got the herbs for sinus very effective thanks