Sunday, February 17, 2008

Small announcement

Hi folks. Seems like more and more people have striked lottery. Someone posted the number 4319 in the comments section last week. The number turned out to be the first prize. A few also left messages in the previous blog and emailed me that that they have striked first prize. I hope to make it clear, my was launched to share on chinese philosophy of happiness, balance, filial piety and better luck. I do not promote gambling. Well, it is your luck for those who had striked 4D. Please do not leave messages in my blog that you have striked 4D. This makes me appear as somebody who gave 4D number.
I had removed the previous blog on the number 4319. Please do not leave anymore messages about striking 4D in my blog again. Thanks for your understanding.

Do not be greedy. If you have striked 4D, do perform charity.


Anonymous said...

lao shi i strike 5049. Sorry cant helpit.

I still will focus on ur beauty andhealth. But follow ur procedure on goodlcuk blog make me a happier person. Because ur method is saying positive words in morning. thanks

Fu dai power.....

lingz said...

Hi Bryan Lao Shi,

I've been suffering from "Feng Mo" on and off since Oct 07. I had taken medication from both Chinese Physician & Western Doc.

It had stopped for awhile, but again it relapsed these few days causing the itchiness over my body. *headache!!*

I need to seek your help in curing.
Hope to hear from you soon.


Anonymous said...


Quite sometime ago you taught FM 972 audience on DIY lip balm. Can you put it in your blog?


ken said...

ppl wan share gd things ma..
don be like tat la

spread gd fortunate 2 everyone.
then everyone will be happi

Anonymous said...

hi bryan laoshi,
ppl who strike happy..those who never strike unhappy..those who are happy will say yor blog very zun..those unhappy ones will say otherwise.
good tat u make your stand clear.

ah ru

Anonymous said...

Lao shi i really like you, because i think you are a real teacher.

Again after using fu dai and doing necessary HOME DIY adjustment my luck is better, I would rather say my bad temper has reduced. Even my wife say that.

Thanks so much for advising the color therapy method to me.


Anonymous said...

Love your blog, add alot of colors to my life. Tried the Fo shou guo soup, whole family love it.

thanks for ur advice.


Anonymous said...

bryan laoshi you are in Sin Min today about ur knowledge