Monday, February 25, 2008

NB: My helper Audrey

Hi folks. My temp staff Audrey, who used to assist me in checking emails had resigned 2 weeks ago, due to her school projects.
Everyday I will received more than 50 emails. I will try my very best to reply all your emails as fast as I can. However, if your questions are too long, just call me k. This baby very cute, is me.... . Oh oh... I will be on papers again for this car number.. ahahaha...Kidding..
Tune in to radio FM 97.2 every tuesday and wednesday 4.15pm ok.

I love my job very much but lately I find myself spending 7 days a week on work. My work starts as early as 5.30am...from replying emails to preparing oils, workshops etc.. I think I need to slow down a bit.
Oh ya, do come up to me and say HI if you see me on the streets. Don't be shy k. But I am also the blur blur type. Sometimes people smile at me but I didn't smile back in time. Don't get offended k cos my mind is still thinking hard! Hahahahaa...Just come up and say Hi :D I will be more then happy to know a friend :)

Just like today at CK Tang, I am so surprised and happy to see Sandy. Thank you Sandy for your cup of soyabean milk ahahha...... And at Ngee Ann City, Mei Feng, thanks for coming up to me. Take care :)

Folks, the long awaited Part 1 & 2 workshop should be back somewhere in April. And Part 3 too! Oh ya, not forgetting Bryan's aroma exercise class that had recieved many positive feedbacks. Give me some time, I will arrange something for all of you :)
Currently, I am busy preparing for the upcoming certification course(8th March)
Limited to 20 students only.

Something happy to share with all of you :D Lately, I found a eye massager which I think is pretty good. I will try and see whether is it good for better eye sight & improve eye bag problems. Will let you know the results :)

Mother nature is calling out to me again! I am going to organise a botanical garden morning walk real soon :)

NB: Freshing rice bran oil & rose geranium water had arrived.


Anonymous said...

HI bryan laoshi, thanks, i have bloated tummy for 7 years, taken alot of western medicine. Until attended your class in Nov , doing the stomach acupressure, i am perfectly ok now, i wan to share with more people and friends. Thank you

Jurong aunty

Anonymous said...

Morning lao shi, i bookmark ur blog and everymorning at work, it has become a routine to read ur blog. You really update frequently.

Anyway the 5 element oil scent is very unique. My colleagues love it, whenever we have heavy meetings we will use it.

Keep up the good work and we will support u.


Anonymous said...

Used the serum and moisturiser since 2 months ago. Love your product. I dont have skin problems but just want to use something natural. I hope you can have cleanser soon.


Anonymous said...

sorry to ask you stupid question...
hv been drinking the black bean drink u recommended

roughly how long we need to boil the black beans and also must we fry the beans before cooking

does it really help in far hv drank it for a few days

if recover, still must drink or not huh..

sorry to bombard you wif so many questions

Anonymous said...

You look so cute in your baby photo, Bryan Lao Shi! And now still so well maintained!

You're a walking spokesperson for your products indeed. :)

Meiyin (AMK)