Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Successful Exercise class

I am very thankful to be able to come up with an exercise that combines arts, pschology, acupressure, music, yoga and dance. Those who have attended my exercise class have given me a lot of motivation to spread this exerise to more people. Some feedback their health conditions had shown improvement after one week. Really happy to hear that. Congratulations!
I really miss the my first and second batch students. Hope to gather all of you one day for a nature walk at botanical garden.

It is not easy to organise and conduct a class successfully. But I believe everything can be done well if you use your heart and love to do it.

My life is all about my research, sharing, and see you all laughing and smiling.
I will try to conduct my exercise class as soon as I can..tentatively in April. I will announce the date for you to register.

Companies who are interested in any of my courses can also drop me an email.


Anonymous said...

Bryan Laoshi

Thank you for the exercise lesson. I like the group photo very much. Everyone is so happy.

How can I obtain a copy of the photo, please.


Anonymous said...

Bryan lao shi, i love the exercise class, i hope to learn more things from you. I have never attended such a interesting class.

All the best, yeah i want a pic of this too. Can email all attendees.

June tan

Anonymous said...

Two good saturday afternoon. I remember telling us: " share with what you learn today to help more people who are suffering from uncomfort using simple acupressure".

I did , i try it on my friend, his bloated stomach recover alot.


Mei Lan

Anonymous said...

Good morning Laoshi

thanks for sharing so many things with us during the two lessons. Wish u happy always.

Anonymous said...

I love your aromatherapy oil, they are really fresh because my nose tell me that.

Hope you can continue doing these forever.

My knee cap pain has recovered alot using the 3 oil method and drinking black bean soup.

Thanks bryan lao shi

june Ee

Serene said...

y so hard to attend your class?
always wrong timing.

Serene said...

pls let me have your june exercise schedule. i want to meet u n learn frm u. tks.