Wednesday, February 20, 2008

3 herbs tea

I am a morning person..everyday I will wake up at 5am to do my work and sleep around 10.30pm. In order to prevent myself from getting bad breath, mouth ulcer, tiredness and heatiness, I will make myself a type of tea which is not too cooling.

As shown on this picture, from left is Xuan Shen玄参, from right is Mai Dong麦冬 and below is Yang Sheng洋参. One packet like this cost me $5. I divided this into 2 portions and gave 1 portion to Yong Mei. hahahaa...
I add 500ml water to my own portion and boil it for 5 mins. Followed by small fire for 20mins. You can put more water if you want. Add honey when cool.

Have you check out Monday Sin Ming? Feel kinda of funny when I read it.

For those who did not manage to lay your hands on Monday Sin Ming, click on the newspaper cutting. Read and you will know what I mean.

Me not into gambling..4D or ToTo. Hmmm...spend the money on your family, beauty and health ok.

NB: updated


Anonymous said...

The 3rd item is it bao sheng or yang sheng, need yr adv, cos im buying it, got the same sleeping problem as yours.
Find your blog v informative, thanks for the sharing.

*Bryan Gan* said...

Hi anonymous,
both are ok. Can use either one :)

Anonymous said...

Hi bryan laoshi
Been tuning in to fm97.2 today and yesterday, hoping to learn your DIY hyrating masks n the ginseng, but you only mention recipes on bad breadth and DIY listerine, no mention of masks and ginseng, hope you can share soon.

lingz said...

Hi Bryan Lao Shi,

I've been suffering from "Feng Mo" on and off since Oct 07. I had taken medication from both Chinese Physician & Western Doc.

It had stopped for awhile, but again it relapsed these few days causing the itchiness over my body. *headache!!*

I need to seek your help in curing.
Hope to hear from you soon.


*Bryan Gan* said...

HI .lingz, do emailme is easier to explain there la