Sunday, April 13, 2008

Acne & Pimple

Acnes and pimples have always been a problem for most growing up teenagers. Adults could also faced the same problem, especially living in a tropical country like Singapore, where we experienced hot and humid weather. Extreme weather changes is rather common to us...heavy rain for a while and the next minute will come the strong scorching sun. Stress and changes in hormones are also important factors that contribute to acnes and pimples.

The following methods are methods whereby I have shared with many people and have received good feedbacks. Especially the Greenbean barley soup. MAKE SURE you drink 8 cups of water a day .

Bryan's Lao Shi remedies for acnes & pimples:

Cleanse ur face with raffael tea tree cleanser follor by lavender water dap face

1. Upon stumbling the first sign of acne, dap a tiny bit of Tea Tree oil (clinical grade) on cotton bud and dap on the acne follow by dab dab omhealth blue flower aloe gel. Apply twice a day for 3 consecutive days only (but then again, you must first check whether you are allergic to the oil). 

 Avoid eye area.

2. The acne will either subside or ripen and purge out after 3 days. After 3 days, apply lavendula vera a drop direct on the area , if too strong use cotton bud and follow by  aloe gel to prevent further scarring. and let the skin heal. Sometimes can apply jojoba on it a little bit

3. Drink this soup -Green bean and barley soup. Boil for 30mins. Drink a cup without adding any sugar. Do not take the beans as they might cause bloated stomach. Drink for a week, a cup a day. This will not be too cooling for your body because it is only a cup a day. So far, many tried and tell me its very effective.

Bryan;s Famous Anti Pimples: Bryan's Lavendula Vera & aloe gel, Tea tree oil--- freshest, first distilled, sweet. And Lavender water, Teatree cleanser and once a week Green clay for purification

I learnt about this acupressure point when I was young. However, it was only until last year, I find out the exact point and the right way to press.

You must press 6 seconds and while pressing, do deep breathing. Exhale when you release your pressure on the point.

An indian doctor ever mentioned to me, this point can help to produce a lustre and radiant skin. While in chinese beauty research, this point helps to fight acne and pimples.

For serious Boils: See TCM 2 times. Follow use frankincense too.

Important Research 2010:
Boils can be or abscesses that are on the skin and create a large red and painful puss filled pocket. These boils are not typically deadly but can be extremely painful and must have medical treatment to prevent the spreading of the boils. You must see a doctor if you experienced this ok. You can also drink this tea.

This is a tea that will kind of dissolved toxic or swelling in body. The ingredients are all herbs. Safe. Thanks to Qing Dynasty Imperial Royal Doctors.

Take down the recipe in your notebook. I will make this tea for my family once a month to fight all toxic. Ancient Tea is now recognised and used in TCM Hospital as one of the prescription :)

五味消毒饮 [ 5 taste Anti-toxic tea]
A recipe from a famous doctor since Qing Dynasty. Now doctors still prescribe in herbal essence liquid form. I will usually make this tea if I have a sudden big blister that swell and inflamed abscess that grow at the back. Also applicable for painful pimple.

银花18克, 野菊花, 蒲公英, 紫花地丁, 紫背天葵子各3.6克




This combination of herbs will not injured your stomach, and its effective for swell. 

Using just 30gram of 蒲公英 to boil with porridge, is very good for female suffering from breast cancer and swelling. An important diet for them. Ladies who used to have breast cancer, can also boil 蒲公英 tea once a week to protect yourself.

NB: FAQ for serum can be found in the updated product list.


Anonymous said...

recently i pop out many ance!
think this method can help me


Anonymous said...

bryan ur acne remedies with tea tree work so fast. thanks so much

Anonymous said...

lAO SHI I LOVE UR VITA SERUM, WHY U DID NOT MENTION MORE ABOUT THIS VITA SERUM. This vita serum really brighten my skin. I am amaze by the results. Is from my colleagues feedback.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lao Shi

Thanks a lot for the Green beans & barely water for the pass 6 months.Is very effective for my teenage son.I have spend about ten over K for his ance for the pass 2 years until I get to know lao shi Bryan.Now his face improve a lot and the $ that I spend is more more cheaper.
One a again Thanks you very much


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Can i know where to buy apple flower tea?

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan Lao Shi & readers,

I came across point no.3 which says Green bean and barley soup. Boil for 30mins. My qns. is do I boil green bean together with barley or was a 2 seperate drink?
1 is green bean soup while the other is barley...?

vitamine A said...

It seem so effective remedies. It contains no harmful chemicals. Thanks for sharing. Its very helpful. Nice post.