Monday, April 28, 2008

Zu San LiOpen Heart/ acupressure a day keep doctor away


Today is a tough day for me. I think we meet all kinds of people and situations in our course of life...Being a trainer, I also have to deal with all kinds of situations and people. Today, I might not have handle the situation well but I learnt and will bear in mind how to be a more compassionate and better person. feel a bit Wei Qu initially. But after doing some prayers, I feel ok now. Cheers! I pray for strength, the strength to spread more information and happiness to more people. Angels will know :D

An acupressure a day keep the doctor away.

When the Stomach/Spleen system is weak, no matter how well we eat, our body cannot capture the nutrients for its healthy functioning, growth and maintenance.
Therefore, it is important to maintain a healthy Stomach/Spleen system. 足三里 (zu san li) acupressure point along the Stomach Meridian is most vital of all.

About an hour after breakfast, lunch or dinner, use your thumb, or any hard round stick, to press your Zu San Li acupressure points on both legs. At the count of 6, release and repeat for about 50 times.
After doing this for couple of months, you will start to notice an improved in appetite,bowel movement, vitality, better skin complexion and better sleep. It also increases immunity against external/internal bad elements. Do not press this acupressure after alcohol or smoking. Of course, this is no magic remedy unless you can complement with enough quality rest, calm mind, open heart and postive mind set.

Important : pregnant women should seek expert advice befor
e doing any acupressure point treatment.

Green Class is in 29 Sep 2013:
Health and Beauty Part one in Chinese 24 Nov 2013

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Anonymous said...

Dear laoshi, keep up ur good work, i dont know what happen, but it must have some impact on u.

Tell you what. My family is very grateful to you, their health is definitely improving after i share with them what you have taught in the exercise class. And our relationships is even better now.

Thanks for bringing light to many.

Anonymous said...

Lao Shi, I also have a bad day today. Being scolded by one of my colleague. Till now I still have no idea why. Maybe i have done something wrong to make her so angry. I hope both of us can get it over after today otherwise how to work in harmony in future.Carrying anger is very tiring. I will reflect on myself as well. Thanks for your blog. i feel better after reading.


Unknown said...

Hi Bryan,
just forget any unhappiness.Tomoro will be a better day! Just want to feeback that my sisters and i really like the rice bran oil with honey method. Our skin is so smooth.Even my husband compliment my skin gets smoother.

Anonymous said...

Lao shi, i have a very unreasonable colleague always give me extra problems. But using ur grapefruit pink in a way help me to release stress. And reading your this post let me feel life is actually beautiful. And i am so happy tat we chance upon ur workshop and ur blog. Is actually a blessing.

Keep up the good work. You are getting famous, my aunt in KL is your fans and this trip, i will be bringing back your facial serum and Rice bran oil.

Julia Tan (novaMSC)

Anonymous said...

Hello Bryan Lao Shi,

Thrown away unhappiness & move on, to become a better person! Wow, going to publish your health & beauty book, Gong Xi! After using the rice bran oil, skin texture becomes so smooth, thanks for bringing & sharing information with us!!!


Anonymous said...

Lao shi yeah hurray, you are really a person that practice what u teach, look young.

Oh i heard alot from my friends about your exercise class , they say is very fun and really effective in slimming and release stress, i am pregnant can i attend?


Anonymous said...

Bryan, I am happy that you managed to seek deliverance from your constant prayer (and turning to it whenever you meet an 'obstacle') .... Looking at it in a positive mind, whatever had happened, it make you a better and stronger person.

Anonymous said...


can u specifically tell us where exactly is zu san li. like how mny fingers fr knee?


Anonymous said...

bryan laoshi

加油, 加油, 再加油!


Sherrie said...

Bryan 老师,

Sorry to hear that you felt a bit 委屈 yesterday, but what is over is over, always look on the bright side & everything will be ok.

Anonymous 1:05,

You can find the detailed for 足三里under Previous Entries "Digestive Problem"
Hope this can help you.

Anonymous said...

aiyo~bryan lao shi
forget theunhappiness and you wil get the happy after~
happy to heard u will comming out a book soon!hope to c the book very soon!
gam ba teh ya!


鸿 (Hong) said...

Remember there's always sunshine after rain.. treat it as a lesson n you will be able to handle it better next time.. let by gone be gone.. Keep up your good work!!!