Monday, June 28, 2010

Good Best Lo Bang : Brightens your week

I visited a Thai restaurant at 205 East Coast Road last sunday. Check out this restaurant Visit . If you want cheap, fresh and yummy Thai food. Its really Awesome and I am not exaggerating.
My personal recommendation will be their Tom-yum soup and prawn cakes. Definitely a MUST to Try! The tom yum soup is only $5, and enough for two person to share.

Real tom yum soup removes headaches, wind in the body and rejuvenate skin. "Fake" Tom yum soup will make you feel very thirsty after drinking. PLEASE try out their tom yum soup from this restaurant. You will be amazed.

Bryan's Favourite: Seafood tom yum soup, prawn cake and red ruby. Yummy food can bring delights to your life and chase away all tiredness :D


Anonymous said...

My family frequents the branch at jalan permimpin, near bishan junction 8. The food served is indeed authentic Thai food. Nice and cheap.

Anonymous said...

Missed the Thais Rests at AMK 2nd floors at the currents COURTS *somewhere around AMK Jacks Place.

Real Thais Si Fu.