Friday, June 25, 2010

My Quest for Chemical free Skincare

I have mentioned this topic upteen times and only people who tried it will understand and believe in it. Products that comes with nice packaging and strongly advertised on TV will definitely attract more people. However, credibility of Omhealth and its products comes largely from word of mouth.

I seldom describe in details on the ingredients found in my skincare products because I want you to use and experience for yourself first, followed by my detailed explanations. This is my way, my style since 2001 :)

I believed in strong foundations (slow and steady). To me: Paraben-free; propylene glycol-free, silicone-free, and artificial colour-free are important criterias for my skincare range.

Today, allow me to share more about Bryan's face & eye mask. Using masks that contains too much chemicals are very damaging for the skin. What is so special about Bryan's face and eye mask?

Bryan's face and eye mask.
A seamless combination of Aloe Vera, Cucumber Oil and Marine Collagen to sooth and moisturise, the antioxidant powers of catechin, vitamin and mineral rich seaberry, which is known for its anti aging effects and the toning abilities of Witch Hazel.

Apparent ability to promote the regeneration of the skin and mucous; promote the recovery of various skin conditions, skin damaging effects of sun, valued for their rejuvenating, restorative and anti-aging action. Natural antioxidants and essential fatty acids help reverse damaging effects of sun radiation and minimize long term effects of sun exposure, like wrinkles, dryness, dark spotsreduce skin inflammation, promote natural skin restorative processes

For usages, check out , face and eye mask.


Anonymous said...

My beautician asked me what products I have been using lately. Because my skin more hydrated.

I say Bryan Lao Shi. She says , who is that?

Lao shi may be you should start venturing to beauty salon.


Anonymous said...

This face and eye mask is good. Thanks lao shi. Can you come out with some mineral makeup and foundations.

Anonymous said...

I will be your 1st customer if you have mineral foundation!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,

Do you have any intention to come out with organic hair colour/dye with no ammonia, no peroxides, synthetic colours, preservatives or fragrances?

Anonymous said...

lao shi love ur antiage serum . JIA YOU.


Anonymous said...

I love the antiage set. It saves me alot of $$$.

Anonymous said...

I used to have serum from my salon of $150 . Now I only use your serum and it works better and is fresh. Really appreciate your effort.