Monday, June 28, 2010

Real Miracle Water is Natural and Cheap. But forgotten by Many....

80 years ago, my grandma used "Miracle water". The skin around her legs are fair, smooth with no aged spots.

Grandma uses this "Miracle water" more for prevention of varicose veins now. This is REAL "miracle water" made from rice fermentation. Absolutely chemical free. WherText Coloure can you get it? How do you use it for body scrub? Can you imagine using the entire bottle of skxx water on your body?
Using natural miracle water on your body will save you lots of $$$$$$$$$$$$$ . More secret will be revealed in "Power Health & Beauty" talk. Its a "family secret" never being shared with anyone :P
"Power Health & Beauty" talk are getting more and more exciting :p
The closing date to register for this POWER talk will be next Wednesday. If you miss out this opportunity, you will need to wait until May 2011.

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