Friday, June 18, 2010

Rose Body Lotion --- 真的很好

I am so excited with my Rose lotion because of its therapeutic aroma and wonderful texture. There is an aroma of real roses because it contains Bulgaria rose extract, not fragrance chemical.
Hope you can give it a try. No gimmicks but only genuine good stuff for you :) If you see me with the Rose Lotion during a class, come to me and I will let you try. Its ok not to buy but I hope to let you experience and learn how does Bulgaria Rose smell like.
Courier service can be arranged tomorrow. You can sms your order today to 94895606.

Rose lotion tones the liver, which reduces anger and brings instant calming.

New Testimonial:
Since the use of Grade AAA oil , many get less flu or sinus. Hmm 10 years of hardwork, will pay off slowly. Just be firmed and determined with the ancient art of aromatherapy clinical therapy.


Anonymous said...

Is the bulgaria rose a body lotion or bath shampoo?? How much


Anonymous said...

Yeah the bulgaria rose is a body and hand lotion.. $45 a bottle... It's very good..

Anonymous said...

best body lotion , is wonderful