Saturday, June 19, 2010

Power for you

Do you know, a simple action or method without any eating pills or pressing acupressure can extract poison bacteria from the body.....

This method is beyond your imagination of simplicity which will reduce body ache, organ disorder...... Stay tune for more.

POWER BEAUTY HEALTH WORKSHOP..... presented by Bryan 老师 imparted by Shiela Queen of Ayurveda ...... 24th July, Fees $35, CSC Tessensohn Road 10am.

I hope to see all of you in this wonderful workshop. One of the biggest event & highlights of Omhealth in 2010. Email to or sms your name and number of participants to 94895606


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan
I attend this talk by you before. Does it cover the same topic.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving Rice bran oil for my hair and skin! U bet I will be back for more of your products soon!


*Bryan Gan* said...

Aunty anonymous, u attend in your
dream right?

Power Beauty and Health talk is a new talk.

Unknown said...

Bryan laoshi always have new things to tell us in all his classes.

I am definitely all ready for this Power Talk!

Anonymous said...

Power and Beauty talk is a new talk. Lao Shi has posted NEW NEW NEW for so many post already.

PLease pay attention.