Sunday, July 25, 2010


My special guest for the talk, Dr Phua introduced the latest research on Slimming using PEARLS method. Everyone is so motivated by this cool and fun method. We will start our programme today ok :)

The talk was a successful except for some technical delays in the beginning. Thanks to all participants who came. I am glad that you enjoyed the workshop. There are two mini topics where we ran out of time to share but I will email to inform you all.

Omhealth invented three methods for beauty and health research was formally introduced. The Powerbath using a "Good Morning" towel and oil help to lift up one of the tired participants instantly.

Secret Tummy soup to protect stomach from colon cancer and overcome stomach problems.
Bryan's four seasons method, instantly lift up a lady's skin. 200 people witnessed the miracle of using a natural method of lifting on the left side of her face. The left side of her face was obviously more lifted than the right side after the lift. No RF or IPL at all. Its very easy and a lost secret.

This picture was taken from a distance but if you look carefully, you can see the left side of her face being lifted up. Long term using of natural method helps to activate the growth of collagen and elasticity of skin. It also mean one can save lots of $$$$$$$$$ :p

DEBATE between a Western Doctor and Alternative therapy on Stage on health topics and skincare.
From here, one can guage which therapy is better for different health problems.


Anonymous said...

Wan fen gan en Bryan lao shi for putting a lot effort to present the Power Health Talk. Time is too short, a bit rush towards the end of the talk. Anyway, we enjoyed it!
Jia You!

Anonymous said...

No worries about the technical fault. Its not your fault at all. Your fun teaching made it up for all. I had a good time.

yours truely,

Anonymous said...

The spoon method facial looks interesting! Can anyone kindly share how it is being done? Thank you so much in advance!

Anonymous said...

During my bus ride, i gently tried Indian Head Massage at the Double Decker Bus without using any massage oil. I have tried Deep Breathing & Alternate Nose breathing. It is so fun. I gently pull back my Crystal Mala by listerning to Medicine Buddha Mantra with my h/phone earpiece. I like it very much.

Anonymous said...

Bryan laoshi, thank you for giving such a marvellous power talk. You know your work very well. I like your humourous way of teaching.
It gets me to understand things fast and goes deep into my head.

Well done!


Anonymous said...

well done is not the only word to describe your effort. You are very kind and fun loving person.

Dr Phua recipes is so delicious and I believe I can slim down.

Keep up the good work. Lao shi and Dr Phua

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan Lao Shi,

1st time attended yr sat class...thumbs up, fantastic...yr tips are easily remembered...
Do you have any remedy for bottom foot(the back round part)pain?the moment i step down from bed is very very painful. Last night I used all the oils I have(lavender, ginger, lemon) and soak in hot water. The moment I lift up is painless but after sometimes it pain again...I rub the oils again on the foot, wore socks and sleep...

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,

1st time trying Power Bath, i have blended 3 drops of Five Elements Aroma Oil. I love the Finger Walking Method to chk for sore. I love the feeling of touching my face with warm towel & gently massage my body inside my bathroom. I do not feel very tired, lesser bodyache & pain this morning. I can sleep very well last night.

Anonymous said...

finger walking method to check for sore? how is this done? :-)