Sunday, July 25, 2010

Official Launch Synergy Cream Thank YOU: Power feedback within a day

The synergy of 3 creams was launched yesterday. Feedback was rather spontaneous :D
This morning, I received 6 feedback via sms from participants who attended my talk yesterday. I hope all new and old users of OMhealth product can try this moisturiser. The scent of 3 woods carries you to deep sleep and wake up with a glow :)

This is a new cream and programmed to make you feel good and non greasy. Packed with antioxidant skin food with Zero chemical. Its safe to use forever!

Those who have used marine collagen cream, can alternate with this cream now. Trust me this cream really shocked me to the power of 10 after use because is so so so so cool.
How to use Bryan's Moisturiser:
New beginners can start with Marine Collagen first. Thereafter, followed by Synergy of 3 and next is lotus cream. Rerun the procedure. However, you can also use more of those which you preferred. Each bottle at $55.


Anonymous said...

i hv not buy any of "SX" or "Claxxx" product since use of Flora Water, Marine Collagen & now Synergy 3.. Not only i save lots of $$$ which i hv bgt & donated d rice progm.. but d super result i got, my skin r healtier & glowy; i jus can't imagine those days my skin has been "crying out for some fresh air" when i hv drown them with so much chemical.. those sales gimmick of collecting points & even free gifts doesn't help @ all!!.. Ladies be gentle to ourself & start pampering our skin; which is d BIGGEST organ we carry around!! thank Q Bryan Lau Shi for yr thoughtfulness & sharing!! Also Dr Phua his Diet sharing was very knowledgeable for me.. thank Q!! ~ Lynda

Wo_shiNi said...

I am new comers, first time attended such a wonderful workshop. Is beyond my imagination of all this useful informations. I am surprised you are not that famous famous, and you should be...

But is good, because u are so down to earth Lao shi. Salute you. And love your directness.

I tried the serum, is very good quality.

Anonymous said...

I have serious headaches for weeks.On and off.....I am quite impressed by your finger walking method and using 3 oil .

I found that my headaches is cause by the lower back sprain. I give a few days of massage and is gone

thank you lao shi

Anonymous said...

Two thumbs up. Best moisturiser I ever tried