Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Congrats to Cancer Survivor: Thanks for believing

Wow Wow. Powerful indeed :P
I feel really delighted to receive 14 sms this morning on how methods taught during "Power Health & Beauty" have helped to overcome some chronic pain. Many participants also told me the new synergy moisturiser is good. Thank you!

23 sms requesting for "Power Health & Beauty" talk again because they can't get a seat last saturday...(so sorry I haven't had the chance to reply your sms. I shall make some explaination here)

Power Talk will not be repeated next year because there will be new topics for Power Talk next year. I will contact Dr Phua (Cover Doctor for Youth Olympics now) to see whether he has time to do one final talk on a small scale basis this year. No guarantee yeah).

Testimonial from a cancer survivor on OMHEALTH crystal breathing method.

"Power Health & Beauty" on 24 July 2010
(MOST POWERFUL TESTIMONIAL from a cancer survivor)

A testimonial from Howard (Bryan's crystal client):
Howard was diagnosed with blood tumor cancer during Chinese new year this year. However, he did not give up. I advised him on some natural methods, and he did his 636 breathing exercise 5 minutes a day with crystal therapy.
Doctor was very shocked with his speedy recovery.
Howard is still doing breathing exercise and positive affirmation faithfully till todate.

This will be a powerful testimonial for me. I am very glad I can share my findings with you.
Howard used mala and Rose Quartz in breathing exercise.
Let us send love and light to all who are suffering from cancer.

I prescribed these crystals because it encouraged self healing energy for the body. I cannot anyhow advise cancer patients what to eat as their doctors will be in a better position to advise them.
Nevertheless, I can teach him breathing exercise combined with the ancient knowledge of crystals therapy to heal. Rose Quartz Pink emits cellular energy of healing, while Mala helps a person to be in a positive state of mind constantly, and amber to absorb negative "Qi" from body (as taught by my master).

I hope one day (maybe not in this lifetime) natural method can be a bridge between TCM, Western Medicine and become Power of 3.
One important thing did happen: Bridge between TCM and Western Science after ages did happened afterall. At last.... it finally happens.... I pray to God. Thank you. I believed it will be beneficial to mankind. Bryan 老 师 will continue to work hard on the bridge for natural healing methods.

Thank you Western Doctor, Dr Phua and TCM, Professor Goh for being my advisors.

Bryan is a very neutral person. Some of my friends are extreme natural therapists (very airy fairy types) or extreme TCM. Some western doctors do not believe in TCM at all. Well, its ok. Everybody has their personal opinions. Bryan believed only the combination science of all, we will benefit. I will continue to work hard, learn and share to spread the highest good of all :)


NB: The final crystal workshop for 2010 will be on 23 OCT 2010. Have you registered?

What about Positive affirmation class held only once a year. This year on 17 Sep. Have you registered? Details as at http://www.bryanverygoodluck.blogspot.com/ on Positive Affirmation Class

www.omhealth.com/bryanup.htm limited seats.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Can anyone tell me how to use the Ayurvedic oil ? Coz i cant remember it.. Thanks a lot..

Anonymous said...

what is the chinese name for "double sword" tea leaves?

Anonymous said...

Ayurvedic oil, can be used on powerbath, massage no body .

Double sword flower is call Ba wang Hua from medical hall

Bryan here

Anonymous said...

Okay thanks lao shi.. Yup btw the synergy of 3 creams is really very very good and the smell also very very good..Hurray..

Anonymous said...

Ayurvedic oil can be used for Power Bath or Neck Massage. Suitable for all body type.


Anonymous said...


Kindly let me know where to get the
Ayurvedic oil?

Unknown said...

Bryan, thank you for the wonderful talk last saturday. It was fantastic.
Dr phua was brilliant too. I would like very much to try out his recipes soon. Tried to get the ingredients he mentioned but I couldn't find any on that day.

Looking forward to your pendulem class.

Unknown said...

Me too. I searched around city area, ingredients went out of stock.

The guest speaker was good. I love his method. Can't wait to try it out!

Laoshi, you are the best and I give you my support all the way!

Anonymous said...

It was a very enriching power talk. My husband and I love the topics covered by Bryan and Dr pgua. Sure hope to hear more from Dr Phua soon.

Bryan teacher, you are really good.


Anonymous said...

Typo ERROR shld be 28/7 instead of 29/7.

I just wake up at 5.10am(28/7), i feel slightly sleepy & not so alert.

I am thinking or planning to do Power Bath for my mother who has being awarded at SGH(CCU).


Anonymous said...

power bath need which oil?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous powerbath is taught only in power talk and bryan has kindly put power bath method on previous post and up to which oil. Please make an effort to read.

Anonymous said...

Power bath oil

can use bryan relaxation blend few drops and a rice bran oil on a warm water bucket. use towel and scrub whole body until this warm bucket of water finish ok:>


Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous,

U can refer to Older Posts at www.bryanverygoodluck.blogspot.com for Power Bath dated Wed, Jun 30 2010(Morning is very important) by our Bryan Lao Shi.

I just used Ayurvedic oil(a gift fm Bryan on 24/7) & 5 elements aroma oil to bring down fever for my family member on 27/7. I have tried Power Bath to remove damp energy, eased my tirediness, bodyaches and pain on 25/7.

Thank you, Bryan Lao Shi. Bryan, i have no regret for attending yr Power Health & Beauty Workshop on 24th July 2010.

Have a nice wkday.


fm Ming Xiang