Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gratitude makes a person Happy

Read more about happiness in I was once interviewed why I gave up my full time IT Auditor job to become a Natural Therapist. Hmmm.... I think of my answer: I want to be happy..... . 3 months before the resignation, I was so stressed up worrying about financial stability etc.... .... ... Yes. After all these years of hard work, I survive :)

Do not give up easily. Everyone of you deserved to be happy. It is never too late.
Whenever I am still working hard, while all my friends are having a good time hanging out with families and friends, I will think of all your smile, encouragements and feedback. It keeps me going on and I never regret. A famous TV presenter once came to me and said she read my Iweekly. She is my Idol.... Cai Yin. This is enough for me....I am grateful for what I have.

When I was invited as the main speaker to talk about health beside the reputable professor. I was like gosh.... "gan cheong". I feel I am still the same old Bryan...still Green, full of passion and shy ehehheeh...... But I did it..... Moses Lim said my talk about tea is fun ahahha.

When I looked down from the stage, my heart was overwhelmed with Joy. A voice of gratitude from the bottom of my heart calling out to my parents, my teachers and all of you
Danger: I cannot be proud. I must constantly remind myself to reflect on my words, my action and intention. My aim is to share and help everyone to be happy.
July holds a special meaning in my heart.....


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan Lao Shi,

Well Done & Keep It Up.

Bryan, pls take gd care of yr health.

Jia You, Jia You.

I am looking forward to attend yr July Seminar.


Anonymous said...

I have been your followers since 2001 from IDA. Great products. And you are still the same Bryan full of passion that inspire many....

Anonymous said...

Neck pain, back pain, tired and frustration were part of me....

Now.... lessen by 70%. Because of u

XIe xie