Friday, July 2, 2010

NB: Power Beauty Health Talk

Let me introduce to you a tea that I will drink 3 times a week. One pot for the whole family. One slice of 党生,北芪。 Use scissor and cut to small slices. Boil with 800ml or 500ml water for 20mins. Drink a cup. I normally drink on 1,3, 7 of the week.

Properties: For natural beauty glow of the skin, energy, prevent flu and breathless.
Warning: Do not drink when you are sick or suffer from heatiness. Drink when you are ok as a preventive measures and health maintenance.

My feel:
In the past ten years, I have created numerous workshops that ensure latest news, methods that are enriching, fun and easy to understand. There's a lot of work and time involved behind the scene. Lots of preparation works to be done all by myself. I will rehearse many times for all my talks just to make sure I gave a thorough presentation, hoping that each and every students will not be bored and gain something beneficial at the end of the talk.

For this upcoming POWER BEAUTY & HEALTHY talk , I have prepared powerpoint slides and minimum notes for you. It is still important to bring your writing materials to take down some points.

Students who have attended Bryan's workshops will know that I like to share a lot than what is expected for the workshops.

A lot of health workshops in the market revolved on one topic, so they can give you very direct notes. Whereas for me, I like to present the latest findings and provide you with informations that is relevant and practical to you. I wanna make sure my students are attending a fun session with easy to learn methods, not another lecture with thick notes. I focus more on techniques which is difficult for me to put into words on papers. Of course, there are times where I will throw in a few extra tips during the workshops. This is where you will need to take your own notes :p

Hope you can pardon me if I am unable to furnish you with a very professional set of notes that is of perfect grammars. Nevertheless, you can trust Bryan to give you professional healing methods with my passion and sincerity. As the saying goes, "Actions speak louder then words"

I will be my usual relax, unrestricted self to present "Power Health & Beauty" Talk. New comers may need to understand my style of teaching. Hmmm....received an email requesting me to speak professional English in this talk. Sorry gal, please forgive me if I am unable to meet your standard.

Another email: "Do have your blog written in 2 language, I hope you can do it before August."

Errmmm....Gosh....I doubt I have the time to write the same post in two languages. So sorry...


Anonymous said...

Dear Bryan

You have been very kind and generous to share many precious ideas without attending your courses. No matter how good you produce in your blog, there are always comments from public. It takes all sorts to make up the world and keep cool and so far you have received more thumbs-up. Keep it up!! God bless you always!!

Anonymous said...

You are very caring and hard working and consistent since day one I know you.

Good. And be yourself

Anonymous said...


This is a free blog. If you want 2 languages or more,You better go other place. Don't comment here.

From.Bryan Supporters!