Friday, July 2, 2010

Collagen drops and Dull Skin

To have perfect beautiful skin is a challenge in Singapore because we have strong sun light through out the year.

Our local weather can cause a sudden lost of Collagen, uneven skin tone and lost of elasticity. Many people tends to look older than their actual age. Constant use of chemical whitening products to get the instant glow will further damage skin structure. I knew of people who used powerful skin glow products and enjoyed a few months of glow. However, their skin texture become more dull and sensitive thereafter.

NEWSFLASH !!!!!!!!
Doctor ABC, at the age of 30 plus was known to have the best skin in Medical School. Radio DJ commented his skin as, "smooth till delicate of glow". You will be able to see the perfect skin of Dr ABC on 24 July 2010. He will also be sharing with you how he lost 20 kilos and secret foodcure. I'm honoured to have Doctor ABC using OMHEALTH " Rice bran oil, Neroli facial oil and flora water.


Anonymous said...


Which channel and time will DR ABC appear??


Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous, If u want to see Doctor ABC u need to attend Bryan Lao shi workshop on 24th july @ civil service club from 10 to 12.30pm..