Sunday, July 4, 2010

To all my Dearest Part 1 Student-- Power Sore throat fighter tea

Drinking the wrong cooling herbal tea is not going to cure sore throat. One must drink the correct type so as to tackle the problem :)
Let me share with you one power drink recipe which mum will make for me, when I have sore throat. This recipe had been shared with many of my friends and students, who had very painful throat and they find it very helpful. Its effectiveness is beyond my description and has zero side effects :D

Ingredients required for this power drink cost less than $2 and it works Wonders on painful sore throat. Snap a picture of the herbs with your hand phone. Show it to the medical hall. They should know.
Tell them $2 of the ingredients is all that you need. Boil everything for 20 minutes with 800ml water. Drink 2 cups slowly. First cup during the day and the second cup in the evening. I usually feel better with just one cup 2 hours later. I will followed by applying Lavendula vera oil and Tea Tree oil direct at throat area.

Ingredients are 2 乌梅,25 to 30 pieces of 千层纸,3 竹峰 and 3 甘草.

Power remedy for flu, cough & sinus:
Students, do you remember what I taught on using Lavendula vera oil, Eucalyptus oil onto tissue and rub against your upper back, followed by using a hair dryer to blow upper back.

I think its worth mentioning again because many who tried this method, feedback to me that its very effective. Some who used to have flu monthly, has not had a single flu since last year.

● Expels (external) Wind and
● Spreads and descends the Lung "Qi"
Tonifies the defensive "Qi" (wei qi),
● Benefits the nose


*¤¶±’cRazY’g3rl’±iin¶¤* said...

for better taste, add 1/2 big luo han guo. rmb to break it before brewing. :D

christine said...

thank you bryan...drinking herbal tea really worked. I was able to have a sound sleep.

Anonymous said...

this tea works, amazing