Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy :>

Above shows the tea I made, using yesterday's herbs. People who have bloated stomach, nausea or no appetites can give this recipe a try. I understand how it feels to have stomach bloated. It can be rather irritating but if you found the real cure, all you need is just one medicine and one acupressure, and you will be cured within 2 days.... Its true...
"Bryan good news. I have stomach problems for 2 months, slight nausea and bloated and just don't feel right. I see western doctor yes with slight improvements. So I attended your kwa sa class and do moxibustion on Zu San Li. Combine with remove dampness tea. My stomach is perfect now.... The kind of feeling is beyond words can describe , as there is not a feeling of blocking at the chest area due to stomach. I am glad to attend your East Meet West Kwa Sa class." ---- Hong Yuan
Hong Yuan attended the class, East meet West Kwa Sa, firecupping, Moxibustion. A final run this year

2010 POwer Talk Beauty and Health is a unique and exclusive one as it will not be repeated next year. Last year, it was "Reunion with Bryan", this year is "Power Health and Beauty" talk. A brand new talk created just for 2010. This talk is not Part ONE; it is a new talk.

At the end of the class there is a simple Qi Gong imparted to help 行气、理气、破气、降气等法治之. Move Qi, Handle Body Qi, Break Stagnant Qi and Stabilised Qi.
Students who have attended the class will know the meaning of these four movements :)
This is a talk that combines the East and West, latest news in beauty health and slimming. Presented to you by Bryan 老师 and Dr Phua.

Today, Dr Phua and Bryan 老师 will be on FM 97.2 at 11am to talk about bloated stomach remedies and tiredness..... Mum's secret soup recipes will also be announced. Ermmm...please do not ask me to reproduce or type out my radio topics here. There are too many things to list down...So sorry but hope you understand. Usually after every radio session, I will receive requests to share what I shared on radio in my blog again. I think I must learn to say "No" because I have too many things to cope on my own...sometimes, I wish there are more then 24 hours a day!

Although I have a very short AIR TIME, I will make good use of this opportunity to share.... because God give me a chance to share.....


Anonymous said...

Morning Lao Shi, may I req u to share some food cures or any other tips on hand, foot mouth disease (HFM)for the children ? Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,

I cannot find or buy Damp Energy Removal Tea near my hse Chinese Medical Hall.

Annie has suggested me to buy one pkt of Wu Hua Cha(five colour flower Herbal Tea fm Chinese Medical Hall.

I have boiled this pkt of Wu Hua Cha(S$3) with brown sugar & brown rock sugar to taste for half hr. I have drank 2 bowls of herbal tea.

I have practised Detox Dance, Hua Wu, dancing & warmup & stretching exercise by listerning to nice sound track "Driving myself insane"
at the Natural Park.

U just closed your eyes, covered your ear lobe with one of your hand & listerning carefully every word has sang by this singer. U will love it very much in Music Therapy cum Relaxation.

Belly breathing exercise with Rose Quartz Longevity Bun to release my Emotion Blockage on 24/8. Rose Quartz Longevity Bun has gradually slowly cured my tightiness of my right hand shoulder plate, stiff neck, upper & lower back & pain.

Thank u, Bryan Lao Shi for giving me this Damp Energy Removal Tea at your Blog. I have practised Mala, Bracelet, Gui Ren Bag & Double Terminator Breathing Exercise nowaday.

Bryan, thk u with your 9 volunteer & yr parent for organising this 7th mth Candle Offering & made donation of medicine to the needy.

Gan En, Xie Xie, Bryan Lao Shi.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who has listened to Bryan Lao Shi radio today, kindly share the recipes with us. Wish to listen however, can't as working. Thanks thanks!

Anonymous said...

I have chked the Chinese Calendar that today is bad day. I have quickly scheduled my working day slightly early with my female superviser as my off day today.

Yeah, i am really happy to support Bryan Lao Shi & DR Phua Lao Shi on airtime at Radio Station Love 97.2FM on 16/8 at 11am.

I have followed Dong Fang Bi Li to learn Lymph Node Detox Exercise & Detox Dance fm him at the Kampong Java Park & Bishan Park 2 at 6am once or twice a wk via taxi, mrt(little india) & bus many yrs ago.

After my morning exercise, i feel very sweaty & smelly. I have quickly used a few tissue paper to wipe my sweat & toxic fm my body. I have used half pkt of Japnanese Bath Aroma Bath Sea Salt to scrub my body & removed dead body cell & having a warmwater shower.

I will b going for power nap for 45mins later. It is advised by Bi Li Lao Shi. HUa Wu is a type of Fan Dance. I have took 2 photograph with my Aunty & Girlfriend exercise friend. I look younger than my actual age.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous, 26/8 at 10.43am.

If u r really interested to copy Bryan Lao Shi's Bloated stomach receipe, u can add Renee Yap(DJ Radio Station Love 97.2FM Yong Mei) as your new Facebook friend. Yong Mei will update Bryan Lao Shi's Bloated Stomach Receipe at her facebook.


Anonymous said...

Bryan also taught us a few method to cure your Bloated stomach on airtime at Love 97.2FM on 26/8.

I have added Renee Yap as my new Facebook friend.


Anonymous said...

I have not bought my Damp Energy Removal Tea yet, u can mash fresh ginger & add brown sugar to taste during raining season.