Thursday, August 26, 2010

Good news -- Let's welcome Dr Phua onboard.

Good news. Topics on the radio show shared by Dr Phua and Bryan 老师 will be recorded and published on the blog :) Stay tune...... Today onwards, we will be on LOVE 97.2 FM every thursday at 11am.

Catch us LIVE sharing interesting topics on Power Beauty Health Talk ..... .
Hey, have you register for "Power beauty & health" talk now.

Dr Phua is on 4 months leave and doing research on alternative therapy. I thank him for choosing OMHEALTH as a study base. So far, I am pleased with the result snf feedback. Dr Phua, user of

1) Neroli facial OIl (super good for skin)

2) Flora water

3) Antiage serum

His skin is near to flawless now.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Bryan Lao Shi & Dr Phua Lao Shi.

I have learned a lot of Latest Beauty & Health Tips at your 24/7 Power Beauty & Health Workshop.

Jia Yu, Well Done & Keep It Up.


Anonymous said...

My bld gr is very unique.
My 1st Mentor has told me that Bld group A and O can get along very well at his Workshop.

I have decided to start my Exercise with Lymph Node Detox Exercise for 100days by using my 100% Elastic Cotton cloth. I will watch my Detox Dance Video Clip to practise this Dance at the Natural Park.

I will planning to go Bishan Park 2 for my morning exercise at 6am to meet my 1st Mentor maybe one or twice a wk very soon. I love dancing very much. My 1st mentor, he is a professional dancer. I love dog. I want to play, hug or carry Bao Bao & Huan Huan.

Anonymous said...

Typo Exercise Programme instead of Exercise

It is blessing with love to meet my 2 Male Mentor, One is born in Taiwan and 2nd Mentor is born in Singapore. Both of them is born in October. I love & respect them.

They are Animal Lover. They alway help other ppl really need their help. They will alway involved themselves in Charity. They are really talented, loving & caring person.


Anonymous said...

If u really interested what is power bath, Bryan has only teach abt 60% at his blog. He will teach you another balance 40% with clear demonstration at his 29th Oct 2010 Workshop.

Bryan has given us a list of items that we need to buy for improving our general health. Bryan has introduced & encouraged us to drink Organic Honey at his Blog.

Anonymous said...

On 27/8, i have met one Aunty was really interested to learn Lymph Node Detox Exercise fm Bi Li Lao Shi. She has commented Dong Fang Bi Li is really kind hearted to teach Singaporean Lymph Node Detox Exercise in Sin.

My dog girlfriend wld like me to help her for looking after her 2 dogs, Silver & Frosty for 2 days. I do not keep any dog except Hamster at home. I have taught Wee Ling Sis for Lymph Node Detox Exercise at the Natural Park. We r really close friend that i have given Dr Phua secret receipe for slimming.