Sunday, August 29, 2010

3 Oil method for neck & shoulders

3 Oil method illustrated in this video... This method is my baby creation.

3 oil method can put lavender peppermint marjoram mix with few drops rice bran oil on palm best. Video I use body lotion.

After doing 3 oil method, do some stretching. One of the oil is Lavendula Vera, which is not any normal Lavender oil. It has high medicinal value and its very fresh. Hundreds of feedback on this my 3 oil method. Testimonial from doctors and Qi Gong Master on the energy of my oil.

[Same advice. If you encounter any pauses in between the video, allow it to play one time. Do your things, then come back listen again. It will be smooth flow]

Now you can also share your good experience of the 3 oil method here, by leaving your feedback in the comment column. Thank you.

3 oil method invented by Bryan since 2001 and managed to share its benefits and usage in several companies including Prime minister office, Istana, seagate, HDB, IDA, MFA, MOM, MOE, NTU, Schools, Sc. Electric, PA, CID, CAAS, SIA, CPF, Banks, MAS, CSC....many many....


Anonymous said...

If u really interested to use 3 Oils in yr daily life, u can find them at yr right hand menu(previous entries - 3 Oils(11) at for yr knowledge & exposure by Bryan.

U can also read those Reader Comment for yr knowledge. Bryan has also answered a few Reader Comment at his Blog. U can email to for ordering 3 Oils fm Bryan via Email.

Anonymous said...

Few months ago by chances, I stumbled upon your blog and bought the 3 oil from you because I always have stiff neck and shoulder problem.

First try of the oil already surprised me a great deal. It was a good relief to the stiff area. Good things are meant to be recommended. My colleagues and friends are using this 3 oil as well.

Looking out to try out more of your products.

yours sincerely,
carol chan

Unknown said...

Bryan, i used the marjarom oil, lavendula vera and peppermint oil in a footbath for my mother who has cramps and pain in her legs.
She loved it.
Its hard to convince her to do the footbath at first but after she see the effect, she changed her mind of aroma oil and even spread the good results with my aunties.

Now she likes to do footbath using other oil combination like ginger oil and lavendula vera, grapefruit pink and lavnedula vera.

She is all praises of you!

Unknown said...

To be exact, Bryan's 3 oil method is a saviour to my shoulder ache.
The kwa sa method with the 3 oil is a WOW!!!

Anonymous said...

Learning this 3 oil with kwa sa is one of the wonderful things to happen in my life. It helps a lot in my work performance. I am very grateful to Bryan laoshi. Lao shi is very thoughtful to do a video for everyone to learn. Thank you very much to Bryan laoshi.


Anonymous said...

My mother becomes a great supporter of this oil method after I applied on her aching neck and shoulder.
Now, she is always asking me what good things bryan has!

Jeannie chan

Unknown said...

Hi jeannie, get ur mother to try synergy queen cream. Its awesome. Me and my mother are great fan of this new product.

Anonymous said...

Bryan suggested me to start off the anti-age set since i have sensitive skin and never use his skin care before. I agreed this set is superb and doesn't hurt my skin.


Gina_tan said...

Dad is 70 plus and suffers from chronic lower back pain. Doctors says need to go for surgery and he refused. The use of 3 oil method has improved his lifestyle although is not completely cured.

Thanks lao shi.

Anonymous said...

My husband has neck shoulder pain quite frequently. I try the 3 oil method and simple kwa sa strokes on the pain area. He told me he felt better, able to sleep better and in a way, indirectly relieve his headache. Mabel

Anonymous said...

Best facial serum and collagen cream , it works

Anonymous said...

Bryan, yr magnesium salt so powerful to cure my backache, sore leg & foot.

Anonymous said...

Thk u, Bryan. I really enjoyed myself in English Sentimental Love Songs Video Clip in Music Therapy. I love it very much.

fm Sweety Baby

Anonymous said...

Magnesium salt, 5 elements oil, 3 oil method, synergy cream, vita skin, rice bran oil and lavendula flora water are a MUST for me.


Hong Li said...

Is really effective, the oil u have is of high grade and even my qi gong master mention. Thanks for bring us good oil and method.