Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Oh Oh oh, I need to announce this again。

Please provide proper mailing address including postal code, mobile number, a clear list of orders and the Time of courier.

My courier will be either Tuesday or Friday of the week. Courier service will be provided only for purchases $100 and above. Registered post will be provided for any purchases below $100. All postage fees including courier fees will be absorbed by me. Once you received your orders, I hope you can transfer your payment within 2 days :) Thank you everyone.

"We" is referring to Bryan one person...one man show...hehehee === check and reply emails, packer and answering phone calls. Newcomers may have to bear with me if I take 3 days to reply your emails. Thank you

NB: Closing date in our Donation Drive for medicine to clinics and candle offerings is tomorrow. Appreciate the effort. I will pray for all of you. Just think of it. Love and light will be sent to you.

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