Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Shampoo and You

To my customers who are using my shampoo.

Cedarwood Herbal Shampoo:

It is normal to experience a little dryness at first, because it is chemical free. Well, this is the feeling of natural. You can add one drop rice bran oil onto your palm and rub on your hair after shampoo.

In October. Cedarwood Herbal Shampoo (Beginners) once completed, you can use the Cedarwood Herbal Shampoo (Nourishing), you will not feel the dryness anymore.

Or you can start using Cedarwood Herbal Shampoo (Nourishing straight away) .

The reason to use Cedarwood Herbal Shampoo first, is to adapt your hair to chemical free and free from Silicon, which make your hair soft in many shampoo.

Bryan's Shampoo Series for clarification as follows:

1) Cedarwood Herbal Shampoo (Beginners) [if you like it, you can use forever]
2) Cedarwood Herbal Shampoo Nourishing (Start using this once you use no. 1 )
3) Hair Growth Shampoo (Thinning and darken hair)
4) Dry scalp and dandruff shampoo treatment


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,

I sometimes have itchy scalp.
I have your shampoo (1), (3) & (4).
Can alternate use between these 3 shampoos or have to stick to one type first & finish before use the other one.
The dandruff shampoo i used when my scalp itchy (1-2 days).
Thereafter, i use the other 2 types daily.

Anonymous said...

If u really interested to take good care of hair scalp & improved hairgrowth, u can go the right hand menu for previous entries(Haircare 8) for your knowledge & exposure by Bryan Lao Shi.