Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day Hydrating lotion

Well, I am really glad to have this Day Hydrating lotion. It has been launched for 2 years, and I have almost forgotten to introduce it. It really put smiley water into our skin. A good lotion to use during the day after antiage serum. See your face slowly glow from within.....

It is good to have a day lotion that is light. It contains the goodness of Macademia, Sunflower extract. Paraben-free, Sulphate-free, Propylene glycol-free, DEA-free and Artificial colour-free.

The vitamin B5 has a powerful effect in tightening your pores, transforming skin into smooth, healthy skin, and even out your skin tone. This day lotion is effective in protecting from brittleness and dehydration of skin and is also known to aid in the increase of cell proliferation
A tiny bit of it is enough.

Night: I will suggest Marine Collagen cream. After you have finished marine collagen cream, 2nd month than start the all powerful synergy cream.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,

Would like to enquire about mine skin condition. Recently, mine skin is getting quite dehydrated, pimples appearing quite frequent on mine forehead which is usually dont. Pores at the same time are getting larger & eyes circles are appearing too. Right now, I considering to see doctor and buy facial products from them. would it be advisable to do so? Or what type of products you would recommend mi to follow?

Thank you...

Anonymous said...

I think you must be very stressed recently as pimples are appearing on your forehead and eyes circles liao! You can see doctor for consultation but not products from them becos got chemical ma! You can either contact or email Bryan(faster) because sometimes he don't read the comments section. The Raffaele Facial Purifier Tea Tree Cleanser very good for pimples also.

Anonymous said...

May i know whether u have watched Imedeen - Beautique & Workshops Video Clip dated 20/8 - Fri?

Bryan has given us a list of Yin & Yang Food r more suitable for Dry Skin & Dark eyes Circle & Oily Skin.

U can massage Yong Chuan Xue(point) to increase skin's radiance & stimulate the accuppressure point in the ball of the foot. U can massage Yong Chuan Xue for tirdiness & Dull skin.

There is another important Video Clip to watch "The Secret To Beautiful Skin" - 9 steps to follow to become a very beautiful woman.

U can slowly clicked your mouse backward of the Video Clip to copy all impt Theory notes on your Exercise Bk.

fm Karen, MingXiang

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

Thks for the advices... But I heard drinking coffee regularly will cause dehydation to the face. Also, I also went for regular facials but mine friends told me to much extracting will cause skin conditions to become worse and leave more scars. By the way, how can we diminish the scar marks?
Will go add Bryan in mine facebook.

Thanks all :)

Anonymous said...

How do you add Bryan as Facebook? I send a few request and no reply from him.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous,

Bryan has purchased his Chestnut ticket. He has went out to watch this fun fun show today.

U have to wait patiently for him add u as his facebook friend maybe 2morrom.

I am his facebook friend.