Friday, August 20, 2010

Testimonial: My Hidden Secret

Hmm! My skin is more hydrated then ever :P I went for a meeting. Someone who is 5 years younger than me, thought I am younger! Hohoohooo....
Let me share my little tips.... Before I went for this meeting, I applied a thicker layer of antiage serum, apply face eye mask and nap for 15mins....

Case Study

Jia Hui's skin conditions is rather bad and extremely dehydrated. Due to recent frequent exposure under the sun while swimming, her skin becomes very dull. I suggested 2 items for her: Antiage Serum and Flora water. There was great improvement. Her skin was very much hydrated and rejuvenated.

Antiage serum is not just for mature skin. It is so gentle for young baby skin as well:

> Ideal for everyday use
> Excellent for all skin types
> Great for mature skin or preventive maintenance (on younger skin)
> Use alone or under your favorite moisturizer or sunscreen

Key factor in antiage serum:
It strengthens the skin's natural protective systems. Contians melon, apple extract, aloe, marine collagen, Tea,...... free from all chemicals such as zero alcohol not even the chance of propylene glycol....and fragrance.

Antiage facial flora scrub: Without proper dead skin removal, serums and moisturizers can’t perform to their fullest potential. Bryan's round beads scrub is proven to clean so well that it helps skin care products to be absorbed even better — studies show up to 61% better absorption of nutrients after cleansing twice a week with this scrub.

Skin Vita Serum: Whiten with luminous glow skin, more youthful and healthier skin. Long lasting. Use at night. [Very sensitive skin is recommended to use antiage serum first. You can try skin vita serum after your skin is strengthened]

Product for the month: Skin Vita Serum, Antiage serum, facial scrub and flora water.
A good serum in the market can easily cost minimum $180..

My recommendation to those with very sensitive and dull skin to kick start using Anti age serum day and night. Apply a thicker layer, see how your skin pump up within few days :p


Anonymous said...


May i know your Flora Water need to apply alot on the face?

Is better to apply direct or pour on facial cotton?

*Bryan Gan* said...

flora water i normally use on hand and apply.
But if u wanna cleanse your skin further u can use cotton.

*Bryan Gan* said...

flora water i normally use on hand and apply.
But if u wanna cleanse your skin further u can use cotton.

Anonymous said...

Anyone taking Evening Primose Oil? Please recommend which brands are gd to try? Thanks lots!

Anonymous said...

for bryan's flora water, i will transfer them to a spray bottle and spray on my face and pat with my hands, every morning and night .. so much easier to spray .. however, i tend to spray a lot and pat pat pat .. feel good ..

bryan, ok to this method hor?