Friday, August 20, 2010

Bryan's appearance and interviewed by International Journalists

My goodness. I can feel an instant hot flush up my face when I saw this video clip! No wonder I received emails from overseas every now and then....this video clip can be viewed internationally...hhhaahahahahah.... You can catch me in this video after Zoe Tay's interview in the clip. My appearance in the video lasted for 1min 5o sec, Watch me and my famous buttery fly dance :P Wow.. this was 5 years ago..... The beauty salon no more but they did a good job to integrate beauty and health :)

Bryan Gan was introduced as
[ Singapore Leading Alternative Health and Beauty Therapist, High Profile Expert ] My workshop was interviewed by journalists from Brazil, Italy, Spain and France]


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,

I have fallen in love with yr Butterfly Dance at Media Corp Radio Station LOve 97.20FM(my 1st Workshop) on 25/4/2008(Fri) at the ticket of S$8.

I have took out of my pair of 2 & half inch Silver High Heel with my stocking & climbed up the chair. I am requested by Media Corp staff that i cannot sit up on the chair.

I wear my contact lense that day. I have no choice to walk forward & infront row for watching u how to teach us yr Butterfly Dance in Singapore.

Next yr 2011, i am looking forward to attend yr Higher Stage of New Pattern Workshop & Feng Shui Workshop in Jan 2011. Bryan, thk u for conducting More New Pattern Workshop for yr old student.

Well Done & Keep up, Bryan Lao Shi.

Bryan, pls take gd care of yr health.

See u again at yr Next Workshop.

Thk u, Lao Shi.


Anonymous said...

I am really scared of seeing other ppl who r having sagging eye bag, sagging skin at their forehead, hairloss at their foreman, que ban, blemish, dark eye circle , Lao Ren Ban or wrinkle.

I have asked my Beautician, Qi Rong why my ex lady colleague has so many black dot at her whole face. Her reply is that she does not go for facial & very lazy to take gd care of her skin complexion. She is mother of 3 Children in Sin.

I have started my facial appointment with a few of my Beautician early at the age of 20 plus. My Beautician will provide cleansing my face properly by using facial scrub to remove dead skin cell, massaged my face, neck & shoulder to improve gd blood circulation of my face.

I have copied down a few impt tips how to keep our face more radiant. I wld like to thk my late grandparent fm Shanghai(Lian Poh) & my late mum(Lee Ah Quek). My Mum is a Beauty. I wld like to thk my grandmum for giving a very nice name.

Thk god, i have attended & completed all my Workshop with our Bryan Lao Shi in Sin. Next yr, 2011, i will attending 3 more New Pattern Workshop with Higer Stage with Lao Shi(Teacher). Bryan, thk u for conducting these Workshop for yr old student in Sin.


Anonymous said...

Typo, suffered hairloss at their forehead.

Anonymous said...

If u(New Comer) r really interested to learn more abt Accuppressure point, u can find them at yr right hand menu(scrolling down with yr mouse) to find Previous Entries(Accuppressure Point-26 at fm Bryan Lao Shi.

Lao Shi, i have copied down all Impt Tips how to eat Yin & Yang food to improve my skin complexion & more radiant at my Exercise Bk. Thk u for yr guidance. Xie Xie, Lao Shi. See u again at yr Next Workshop. Gan En, Lao Shi.


Anonymous said...

Lao Shi, I can only say you look even younger now than 5 years ago! Well done and looking forward to attend your lessons every time