Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Feeling negative?

Open Your Heart and strengthen your inner heart:
Heart is our key connection to Universal Energy. Why does some people always fall sick? Same illnesses but some people take longer time to recover? Well, there is always a reason behind every problem.....

I called it negative energy or body toxic (anger, jealousy, worries, sadness, frustration....)

Whenever we experienced negative emotion, we are accumulating negative energy in our heart. The question is, how many times a day do we have negative emotion even though we might not express these negative emotions....

It is important to strengthen our inner heart, purify our heart and open ourself to universal "Qi", so that our heart our whole self will alway be filled with peace , calmness and love. This promotes the self healing energy in our body.

Now let me share with you a simple healing method using 5 elements oil.

Add a drop of 5 elements oil onto a piece of tissue, inhale slightly. Close your eyes and imagine all people who have done wrong to you. Forgive them one by one....... Relax....

I will guide you during my "Positive Affirmation" class this Friday on a 5 minutes aromatherapy open heart healing & smile breathing exercise. I have booked for another room extension and there's another 20 seats left now.

Biggest Positive Affirmation Class Ever Held in Singapore by Bryan 老师. Happening on 17 Sep 2010.

Bryan's Aromatherapy has an added properties of love and light in it..... Thank you all who have used my oil since 1998.... ANd growing stronger then ever....


Anonymous said...

I have dropped 4 drops of Five Elements Aroma Oil with water inside my Burner at my Master Bedrm last night. I can recover fm my chonic illness, cold/flu/chile very fast.

I am inhaling slowly throught my nostril, nose or respiration for oxygen(fresh air & exhaling carbon dioxide
(my stress - personal or job related problem, burden - finance & worry how to do mthly Budget for my daily & Transporation Expenditure or example : how to repaid my Credit Card Bills have accrued to many Local or Overseas Banks for Late Charge, Bank Interest charged & principal amount by Credit Card Co & toxic) out of my body system.

Five Elements Aroma Oil can cleanse the environment to remove unwanted negative energy. I love to drop a few drops of 5 Elements Aroma Oil with water inside my burner at my Living Rm. I love the super fragnance of this Aroma Oil very much.

If u have negative thought or unhappiness or grudge, u can write them down on yr note book. The Negative thought will badly affected yr health & emotion indirectly, u can use Brain Storming to solve yr personal or job related problem with ease.

I will alway played Reiki CD by George Raphael & A Very Gd Mantra for Heart with The 12 Vows of Guan Yin included in this CD (Bryan has strongly recommended this Kwan Yin Ma Mantra) to chant at his Workshop).

I have purchased another Mantra CD r Medicine Buddha Dharani & The Mantra of Medicine Buddha. I only chanted The Mantra of Medicine Buddha Mantra faithfully bec i am alway poor in Health with my 54 Bead Amethyst Mala since 14/2/2009.

This Mala(praying bead) has brought me Lottery luck of S$250 on 8/2/09 & by using 5 Elements Aroma Oil with water inside my Burner at my Feng Shui Direction fm CNY Day 1 to Day 14 bec i have placed my order of this praying bead at Bryan's Heng Heng Shopping Mall at his Blog. I have collected my Mala at his Workshop on 14/2/09(Valentine Day).

fm Karen Tong(MingXiang)

Anonymous said...

To my Dearest Sis & Bro,

If u r really interested to Chant Kwan Yin Ma Mantra, u can find them at Bryan's Website for yr info & exposure fm Bryan Lao Shi.

fm Karen Tong

Anonymous said...

Love = caring abt other pple's personal need & requirement

Light = willing to teach other pple's by educating on Beauty, Health & followed exercise programme to keep fit & leading a very Healthy Lifestyle

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me how to perform Bryan's 636 breathing exercise cos i cant find it in the blog..

thank You


Anonymous said...

If u want to be very successful in everything, you must gradually slowly changed yr mindset from negative to positive by attending more Seminars to upgrade yourself.

If u have any negative thought, unhappiness or grudge, you can write them on your personal note book.

U must learn to let go by releasing your personal emotion blockage that they have badly affected your health & emotion in your daily life.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo, Gd Morning.

May i know have u registered yrself with Bryan Lao Shi's POwerful Affirmation Class on 17th Sep 2010(Friday) from 7pm to 8.30pm, Venue: The Civil Service Club(Pluto Room) & Course Fee: S$28 per person?

U can email to for your registeration, your name, your mobile/contactable number, Title Name: Positive Thinking Class & total number of seats required.

U can travel by MRT to Farrer Park(Exit B-Tessensoh Rd)& walking distance abt 5 to 10mins to reach the Civil Service Club to attend Bryan's Workshop tonight.

Bryan Lao Shi is going to teach 5 minutes Open Heart Healing & Smile Breathing Exercise with Five Elements Aroma OIl with water inside his burner at his 17th Sep 2010 Workshop.

Bryan will spray his Healing spray at his Workshop participant for gd health & healing too. If u r lucky that Bryan will impart his 6:3:6 Breathing Exercise to his Workshop participant too.

Bryan Lao Shi can speak English, Mandarin, Hokkien & Cantonese at All his Workshop. U can bring along your mother, father & grandparent to attend his 17th Sep 2010 too. They will 100% love this Workshop very much. This is a very Interesting Workshop.

Thk u for yr attention.

Have a Nice Weekday.


Anonymous said...

Tapping your fingertip on specific meridians on the head, chest, along with voicing affirmations, helps to clear out emotion blockages from your body system, thus restoring your mind and body's balance.

Anonymous said...

Bryan Lao Shi will introduce one Informative & Educational Book on Affirmations to his Workshop participant for your reading & increased your knowledge on 17th Sep 2010.

This book will guide you how to solve your Health problem & guided you how to improve to overall general Health. U must remember to bring along your 2 Ball Pen & 1 Exercise Book for copying your Theory Notes at Bryan's Workshop.