Friday, September 17, 2010

Bryan: 10th Crystal Color Therapy Workshop

Bryan is the first in Singapore to demo crystal healing in Public. Indeed I was very delighted and honoured to be invited to give a demo on Crystal Therapy at Orchard ION .
Bryan " Certified Aroma and Crystal therapist; 15 years in teaching crystal therapy"

More then 800 students who practised Bryan's teaching on crystal therapy. The latest testimonial comes from a client who has speedy recovery from blood tumor cancer.

10th Professional Crystal Color Therapy Self healing workshop
After extensive research from ancient philosophies and modern science, I discovered that there may be a reason why we are drawn to a particular color/crystal or set of colors. Each color has a certain frequency that can actually be scientifically measured....

Date: 23rd Oct Crystal Color Therapy
Time: 9am to 1pm
Venue: Civil Service Club
Fees: $108 (includes a bag of healing crystal of 7 stones for healing and to be used in the class)

Closing date for registeration is 28 Sep 2010 because I need time to prepare healing crystals for all class participants.

Crystal Healing works by using crystals, to interact with the person surrounding aura (energy field) and energy points known as chakras. Bryan has demo the simple healing in this video clip, where the lady felt great after a mini healing session like this.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Bryan, I have great result with Black tourmaline breathing exercise....

Looking forward for your Crystal Class....

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,

I am looking forward to attend yr Crystal & Colour Therapy Self Healing Part 2 Workshop, Crystal Practical Part 2 Class, Cooking Class Part 2 & Bai Bai Part 2.
I am really excited & looking forward yr Feng Shui Workshop on
8th Jan 2011.

Bryan will teach a few more method how to cleanse your Crystal at his Crystal & Colour Therapy Self Healing Workshop on 23rd October 2010(Saturday) fm 9am to 1pm at the Civil Service Club & Course Fee: S$108.00.

Bryan will give away his Workshop participant one free Chakra Bag for healing & protection & one set of Theory Note. U can travel by MRT to Farrer Park(Exit B-Tessensoh Rd & walking abt 5 to 10mins to reach The Civil Service Club to attend Bryan's Workshop.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,

Thk u for yr cordial invitation & encouragement to attend yr 5/6 at Ion Orchard Public Workshop fm 2pm to 3pm via phonecall(4/6).

I have missed out yr most important one hour Crystal Practical Class on healing with Clear Quartz & Black Tourmaline(to improve good blood circulation & cured backache).

Bryan, thk u for the clear demo & clear explaination in detail for healing & protection with Crystal in yr mimi Crystal Practical Video Clip today.

Bryan, Well Done & Keep It Up.
Bryan, u have shown great improvement in showing your Video Clips since Aug yr 2008 for introducing yourself, yr family, yr Omhealth 100@ free of chemical & preservative Beauty Care products st afforable price with so many nice sound track.

Bryan, yr Feng Shui products & your Mala & Bracelet are properly activated by 9 procedure for healing & protection. Bryan, u r really gd at Handicraft for yr feng shui products.

Xie Xie, Gan En, Lao Shi

fm Mingxiang

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Hello Bryan,
Really it was amazing Therapy Workshop.... really your are doing great work. Thanks very much for sharing all these videos here.... I enjoyed it very much! Keep posting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,

I will b using my 2 pcs Clear Quartz for my Breathing Exercise by listening to nice sound track in my half lotus position.

Thk u for yr guidance & teaching at yr 2 Mimi Crystal Practical Video Clip with clear explaination & Demo at yr 5/6 Ion Orchid Public Workshop.

fm Sweety Baby

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