Saturday, September 25, 2010

Warm Testimonial :>

An email that warms my heart...thank you. The most powerful testimonials for Omhealth skincare products are all from its end users. I think I am very fortunate to receive such strong support and trust from my customers, who really make an effort to feedback to me. I really appreciate your kind thoughts and effort. Thank you very much.

"Hi Bryan, I have been using your lavendular floral water, anti-age serum, skin vita serum and marine collagen moisturizer for a couple of months. Recently, started using the kiwi extract eye cream.

The above products are really good, can feel the difference in my skin texture and it definately looks more radiant. I used to have a few pimples especially during my menses.

Now, there isn't any single pimple on my face. The wooden comb with the relaxation blend is also quite good.

Hair texture really improve, with a more healthy hair growth.Overall, your products are great! I will recommend them to others. I have a question. You do not sell sunblock, hence, do you have any recommendation for sunblock to be used during daytime, before i apply my makeup?

Thanks" -----YP

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Anonymous said...

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