Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My salad

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It is very expensive to eat salad in restaurant. One bowl can easily cost around $9.50 now...sometimes you may even get rotten leaves...salads that cost $4.50 may only give you a few leaves of veggies but a lot of dressing.
DIY salad is still the best =D

Bryan's Weekly Salad cost ($10.50) and enough for 3 days supplies.
A packet of mix salad (Cold Storage) $6
A box of blue berries $4.5 at NTUC and $6.5 at Cold Storage.
Enough for 3 persons. Otherwise I can also divide into three portions for 3 days supplies.
Normally Saturday, Sunday and Monday I will have a bowl of fresh salad in the morning. I do not add any dressings but sometimes I do add a bit of olive oil and apple cider vinegar.
I do not drink berry essence and antioxidant berry drinks. I go for fresh berries, the key to good eye sight. Blueberries improve my mood and bring shine to my skin.

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Last week, I have TV shoots under hot sun for 4 hours.. Skin turns dark and terrible. For 3 consecutive days, I used hydrating face cums eye mask plus skin vita serum at night and regained my radiant skin. They work wonders for me......

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