Saturday, October 30, 2010

Power Beauty Health Talk

Hi all, thanks for coming. Yesterday workshop was beyond my expectation and flooded with walk in crowd. YEAH

1) Your $10 voucher is valid till 10 Nov, to order u can email items to and I will know
2) The slides will be
3) Every time I didn't have a chance to introduce a herb during July and yesterday power talk. Which is the flower call Dragon flower. This Tuesday I will announce the recipe for u on blog here.

For the website are notes for the power talk student. New comers, don't confuse yourself, just read this blog can le. Is more than enough information for u to absorb.

For power talk student,

1)remember to perform the 4 step Qi Gong daily to see skin and health improves.
2)For finger walk method, anywhere u feel soreness, u must use 3 oil and cream to further massage the sore area for few minutes
3)Remember to perform the POwer Bath I taught in the class which helps many to recover from the LBDL-GBDG symtoms
4)The Hou tou mushroom you can get from chinatown , dont buy the loose one, buy the one packet with many inside and sealed.


Anonymous said...

To all my Dearest Classmate of 29th Oct of Power Health & Beauty Classmate, Gd morning.

What is Power Bath?

Power Bath can remove damp energy & wind trapped inside yr body, (sucked out internal heatiness if u r having a fever esp yr chest, yr back, head,forehead & yr whole body), improved gd bld circulation & gd night sleep.

If u r having bloated stomach, suffered fm indigestion & tummy really big, u can power bath's towel to massage yr belly for 54 times clockwise direction with belly 4 accupressure points around yr navel.

U r gently massaging yr belly 54 times with soaked Power Bath's towel, yr bowel (fm 5.5m to 6m of Large intestine to Smaller intestine through yr anus) to remove unwanted faeces & toxin out of yr body once a wk.

Power Bath can remove dead body cells fm yr body as wkly body scrub inside yr hse toilet.

U blend with Bryan's Relaxation oil with Rice Bran Oil with Face Towel warmwater to do Power Bath(totally nake inside yr hse toilet). U r slowing inhaling Bryan's Relaxation oil to improve yr over general health.

Yr hse toilet will be very super fragrance bec yr Bryan's Relaxation oil inside yr toilet.

U r gently massaging every accupressure point & meridian with the soaked Bryan's Relaxation oil & Rice Bran oil to ease yr tirediness, frozen shoulder, stiff neck & curing yr insomina problem & chronic illness for many mths.

Thk u for yr attention.

Have a nice Wkend.


Anonymous said...

U can slowing scrolling down with yr mouse at yr RIGHT Hand(Previous Entries) at the same blog, u can read useful info/data or by watching Bryan Lao Shi's Video Clip how to use Bryan's products to improve yr over general health.

a) 3 Oil method(13)
b) Accupressure point(26)
c) Back, Neck and Shoulder Ache(7)
d) Breathing Exercise(7)
e) V and W exercise(1)

U can also read other Reader comments, Bryan's clients testimontials at his 2 Int'l Blogs at & for yr valuable knowledge & exposure by our Bryan Lao Shi in Singapore. Bryan has answered a few READER comments at his 2 Int'l Blogs.

Thk u for yr attention.

Have a Nice Wkday.


Anonymous said...

Hi Laoshi,

I attended the power talk in july, if i rmbr correctly i don't think u mentioned abt hou tou gu. Can share the info or receipe with us.


Anonymous said...

Hi my Dearest Classmate of 1st Class of Bryan Lao Shi's Power Health & Beauty Workshop on 24/7/10.

U can refer to Bryan's Power Health & Beauty Workshop's slides on Hou Tou Gu at Bryan's receipe on Sleep and Tummy Nourish Soup.

Thk you for yr attention.

Have a nice Wkday.

fm Karen Tong