Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pu-- er tea--- Wonderful Tea

I get my Pu- er tea from #B4-43 @ ION orchard.
Their contact no. is 65098805.
I bought my Qi Ye Leaf from there too.
Cost only $8 for a big big packet.

They have different types...... Cheapest does not mean low grade because their tea quality is the best as they are one of the OLDEST TEA HOUSE in Singapore.....
I bought two types. $50++ a bottle, and another one cost me around $8.80 (I think). Both are equally good. I will drink the one that cost $50++ only when I feel I am very very in need of healing ahahhahaa......
How to make Pu-er Tea?
Add tea leaves into a teapot. Add hot water and discard "first time" water. Add hot water immediately and steep for 1 minute. Its ready to be served. It can be made up to 4 times....

Puer is the tea for us as it heals the stomach and not cooling. Personally, I am a person very sensitive to caffein...just a cup of green tea at 4pm can keep me wide awake for the nite! I tested Pu'er at 10pm...hahahahaa....no prob to sleep at nite! You can give it a try :p

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Power Beauty Health Talk is on 29 Oct. Many interesting topics including Qi Gong for health, Ayurvedic method for beauty, 4 seasons spoon method for facelift, foodcures for stomach, finger walk to cure back neck pain.... and many more and more ..... We have book an auditorium to accomodate more people now.... do register now at class@omhealth.com

You will get a $10 voucher, a packet of Pearl powder White clay mask......

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NB: I have postponed my tea tasting workshop due to the venue.

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