Thursday, December 30, 2010

PArty Before radiant set

"Before Party Radiant set"

This set never fail to bring me the radiant whenever I need to attend a function. Guys hardly apply any foundation or make up, thus, a healthy glow is important.

I will cleanse my face with the powerful nano jojoba round beads with flower power for 20 seconds. Wash clean and followed by Lavendula vera flora water to wet my face. Thereafter, I apply 5 drops of Neroli oil on my face and do a facial massage including under my eyes for 20 seconds. Next, I will cover my face with a warm towel for 5 mins.

Finally, I rinse my face with a bowl of ice water.

Here's what I have achieved from doing this procedure.
Actually, I slept less than 5 hours due to my seminars. I have to attend an event the following day, so I did the above procedure. I may look a little tired but my skin still glow. There are some laugh lines. Its normal for a 40 year old chap like me. Using wrinkle booster gel has helped to further lighten the lines :)
This picture was taken earlier this year. The visibility of my laugh lines has reduced by 40%.
Products used are: Antiage age scrub, neroli oil (fresh) and Lavendula Vera flora water. Investment: $135

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