Sunday, January 2, 2011

How does.... Antiage Hydrating Mask helps

How does Bryan's antiage face and Eye mask work?

This special, precious multi purpose gel mask harnesses the goodness of extremely pure, nuitrient rich ingredients, the brightening and soothing effect of flowers and contains the powerful herbs to pamper, nourish and hydrate your skin and eye area skin.

Result is: Remarkably soft, baby soft and brighter skin with a even more glowing tone.

Holiday season is over: Use Face and Eye Mask ....
Direction: Use in the evening, after cleansing ( Antiage scrub). Spread a thin layer of mask and leave it for 30mins or even overnight for optimal results. Wash away with water.

Fresh arrival of Face and Eye Mask. $68. Oh yes, Lavendula Vera flora water and facial scrub have also arrived.
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