Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Year and Year End

One year is divided into 24 sections. In Chinese you have this different season. In the past, people will eat different things for each section to balance a body.

As a result the older generation seldom fall sick. Remember the older generation usually have a big family where there can be as many as 8-10 children..going to a doctor is quite impossible... Nowadays, if the young child falls sick or go primary school, parents will get very uptight..

We are entering a section weather where one gets cough and become moody easily...
Little things can get you very agitated and raised your voice. Is your boss shouting and you have moody colleagues? Slap them with Good morning towel ... Hahahaa....I'm only kidding.

We can press acupressure point to calm ourself. Bryan's Relaxation blend in a small bucket of warm water to scrub whole body helps too.
Then, add a drop of Bryan's Relaxation blend onto a piece of tissue. Inhale for 10 seconds. Keep this nice smelling tissue in your bag and the smell can last for few days. Use a simple wood piece or your finger to press the center of your head for 10 seconds. Do it 3 times.
Bryan's Relaxation Blend: Contains all herbs to remove tiredness, fatigue and dampness energy. Its known as an air cleanser and health cleanser. Refer to for more details.

There are 3 types of "Good Morning", namely 50cents, 70cents and 90cents. I prefer the 70 cents type because its not so thick.

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