Saturday, February 12, 2011

East Meet West Kwa Sa Class 19th FeB take note


New comers can read my part 1 notes via, which I will conduct soon.

There are many new comers for East meet West Kwa sa class. Thank you for registering. Come with a happy heart. Many are new to me, but don't worry I am nice. Hahahaa...

Its a very informative class and supported by TCM professor Koh as advisor.

Class is from 9am to 12pm at Civil Service club Tessensohn road, Venus room. Check out its location at

Kindly bring the exact fees payable $50. As requested, I will bring along skin care products for you to buy. Those who want me to prepack your order and collect on that day, can email to
I will pack for you but please take note, you have to email to me before Wednesday.

Its a challenging class because there are many new comers hahahaa. Do read up Bryan 3 oil method via before you come ok. Video on using 3 oil as at

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