Monday, April 4, 2011

Is the Royal Family Incense....

During the ancient times, the royal palace will light incense to cleanse the air and for well-being. Sometimes, the imperial doctors will mix herbs into incense for health and to boost immune system. I will start a new course at the end of the year, where you will learn how to mix incense herbs for health.

In the past, incense was burnt to fight air borne diseases.

Bryan 老师 DIY incense of herbs ..... The base for making incense is Kim's sandalwood powder. I think many of you have tried Kim's sandalwood powder as a body scrub. It feels terrific isn't it?

14 May - AAY Aroma Yoga Acupressure class is FULL HOUSE.... all students will experience this wonderful herbal incensewhich I have made for you to experience and enjoy.....

NB: Some history on use of incense in different religious can be found at

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