Sunday, April 3, 2011

Water and Treat Your Skin

I hope all my products can brighten your life, skin and health. Wish everyone happy. Skin Care --- Be gentle and make an effort. I wouldn't be surprise to know majority of you do not keep a regular skin care routine. The results aren't as painful as, say..not brushing your teeth daily. However, the result can be very noticeable in the decline of your looks and acceleration of your physical age. The time needed to treat your face is the same as it is to brush your teeth---- about 2 mins....only....

Have you been using a good " Cleanser, Flora water, Serum and Moisturiser " Nano Bead Scrub once a week, and pamper yourself with face and eye mask when you are free.

Remember do not purposely speed up your skin renewal cycle... can you imagine using a product everyday to renew your skin... Don't think its good right...

Benefits of Bryan's Anti age facial scrub

  1. Power nano beads that hasten the exfoliation of unwanted, dead cells and help removing surface impurities from the skin.

  2. Makes the skin feel soft and smooth.

  3. Natural ingredients and powered by some essential nutrients that penetrate deep into the facial tissues and muscles, giving them a new life with extra power to rejuvenate.

  4. Facial scrubs help ironing the creases or wrinkles due to aging and other degenerative changes.

Skincare :

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