Monday, April 11, 2011

Your feedback are so so Generous :))))

A lot of people will try many different products because Singapore is flooded with skincare products. Some will use my products, switch to others and come back again. In skincare products, you must insist, improve and further improve and insist...only then the best will stand out among the strongest brand. Its good to explore many other brands of serum, and you will find Bryan's facial serum is the best =D Simply because its fresh and the price is only 1/3 of high quality serum. Will be launching 2 new products after I returned from overseas in MAY 2011. A) Day Protection Cream (protect u from Office UV and Lunch time sun) B) Perfectionist Aqua facial Lotion ( I promised you to produce different facial moisturiser, so far I have Marine Collagen cream, Synergy Cream.... the new one coming up is for super sensitive skin and water based, but all can use, is " Perfectionist Matt Finish Antioxidant Moisturiser").


Anonymous said...

I hv super sensitive skin.. can wait to try..

Anonymous said...

Super want this Perfectionist.... Sound great

Anonymous said...

Your products are great, friends have noticed my face glowing now n skin has been rejenvated. my daughter is also using ur products, kudos to lao shi