Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bryan invited as Guest Speaker in Australia

This year Bryan is invited to Sydney to share on "Health and Beauty with Bryan" Part ONE. Will be travelling again. That is why I was unable to slot in any workshops for the next 3 months.

I will be travelling often soon. Many workshops will be only be conducted once a year. SO please come. Share good things with others. If you find my blog is worth sharing, do share it with your friends. Example, if friends have cough and seems like hardly recover, tell them to check out for cough remedies under the "label" at the side of the blog. Many new readers tried my foodcure and works ... They are now my loyal students =)

New comers: Come to my class with a happy heart on 4 Jun 2011. I wanna see you smile. Trust me, you can also look young and sleep well again ok :)

2009 Part one class. Hahaahaha so funny to look back

Bryan's work was recognised by many organisations and now will also represent a famous Hospital to promote health body checkup. The new ambassador for Health... stay tune for more news.

I encouraged anyone who are also in the natural therapy line to be loving, direct and never be plastics. Show care and concern but be firm. Never change your character to suit your customers. Treat all customers as though they are your own family members. Example direct and "scold" them if they are stubborn or unreasonable... Hmm also do research and research .... Be humble.

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