Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lavendula Vera Charcoal Flora Water - Certified Organic

Sometimes you may get pinkish or white color Lavendula Vera Charcoal flora water. This is because it is not a mass production. It also depend whether the grape seed is pink or white. The regulars who have been using it for years will know what I mean. Newcomers, do take note. After 2 days of good rest together with the use of my detox mask and hydrating mask, my skin looks healthy again. Not forgetting the herbal tea which I introduced.

Freckles is unavoidable since I am in my late 30s. I swim a lot too. I will still take preventive measures to prevent it from spreading and try to hydrate my skin with serums and moisturiser.

Many freckles will darken under this kind of hot weather. Do take note and take care of your skin. We must always hydrate your skin constantly.

Is it time to replenish your skin care product?

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