Sunday, June 19, 2011

Black Heads and You

I will do a skin purifying SPA at HOME once a week.

A) First, use antiage Flora Scrub to do a facial
Bryan's Antiage flora scrub, cleanse, polish, rejuvenate skin and improves circulation. A proper chemical free facial scrub once a week is the key to good skin so that it enable all wonderful skincare to be absorbed well by the skin.

B) Next, 1 drop of Rose Geranium oil and 1 drop of Lemon oil into a bowl of boiling water for facial steaming. (Rose Geranium oil + Lemon oil == whitening, anti freckles and boost immune system). Rose Geranium is very good for body beside skin, balance your immunity

C) Tea Tree to extract Black Heads

I will apply a bit of tea tree oil onto a cotton bud and dab on my nose area and area in my face that has black heads. I use this instrument from SASA shop, I just glide over black head without squeezing.... Dirt just came out so easily after doing a warm facial steaming. Thereafter, dab from tea tree cotton on the treated area.

D) A teaspoon of pearl powder white clay mixed with Lavendula Vera water to form a paste. Apply onto the face and leave it on for 10mins. White Pearl Clay is suitable for sensitive skin. It helps to stimulate circulation to the skin, remove dead skin cells, remove debris from the pores while gently exfoliating and cleansing it. Thus, bringing a smooth healthy glow thereafter. It does not draw oil from the skin and can be used on dry skin types.

Wash off after 10mins. I like to apply 3 drops of Neroli facial oil on my skin. I love Neroli oil because its powerful and brings about a radiant glow.

Neroli Facial Oil is rejuvenating, organic cell regenerative- Neroli Facial Tonic Oil blends high frequency organic neroli essential oil . It smoothe fine wrinkle lines, give elasticity to the pores, suitable for all skin types, especially dry and sensitive. Neroli is known for it's emotionally uplifting and physically rejuvenating qualities.

*I received 11 sms and emails today about recovery from sinus recovery. Thank you for trying my simple method. Do you know Eucalyptus radiata is highest grade of Eucalyptus ? Power when combined with Lavendula vera and lung warming method to cure sinus.

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