Monday, June 20, 2011

Just 2 remedies took me many years of research

Bryan's 3 oil --- For any kind of bodyaches but then again, ache can be also complicated so I always tell my customers to be creative. Example, after applying 3 oil with cream, drink warm water perform either
1) A stretch that will help you. Strengthen joint with proper stretch like VW exercise by Bryan.

2) 478 breathing exercise so that oxygen can relax muscles.

3) Just lie down on hard floor, stretch out yours hand.

4) Must have proper sleep, use 3 oil warm water footbath.

The lady above has faith and never give up, she is ok now. Great!

Sinus: A problem that seems not easy to cure. Bryan has managed to help many by using pure simple herbs, foodcures, breathing exercise or even using the hair dryer method......Lavendula vera and Eucalyptus radiata are two powerful herbs. They are fresh and of high medicinal values, which is why they can work on your body system so quickly.....

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