Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bryan Lao Shi's greatest research has received wonderful feedbacks

Ever since I shared my research materials on radio station 972FM yesterday, I have heard many positive feedback from many of you that it was beneficial. That touched my heart.

I believe everything happen for a reason. My heartfelt thanks to Herbs Angels and my teacher, Li herbalist. My teacher shared with me this formulation which is an affordable, natural and effective way to relief stress.

Ou Shi Nan ~ The flower which I introduced on radio, Heather

The healing properties of Ou Shi Nan have been recorded as far back as the middle ages, with books on other herbs and their uses dating even further back to the seventh century.

A German book, written in 1565, describes the famous doctor Paulus Aegineta as using the flowers, leaves and stems to heal all types of sores incuding ulcers - both internally and externally.

Fuchs wrote in 1543 that the healing effect of the plant could ease insect bites. Whilst Matthioulos, who lived round about the same time, used the plant in drug form to heal snake bites, eye infections, infections of the spleen and in preventing the formation of stones in internal organs.

Nicolas Alexandre, a Benedictine monk, wrote that boiling and drinking the liquid for thirty consecutive days, morning and evening, was sufficient to dissolve kidney stones. He added, that the patient should also bathe in the Heather water.

Heather has even been found to help nursing mothers produce more milk. Schelenz wrote in 1914 that Heather was a household remedy for all sorts of illnesses and complaints. However by the turn of the century, heather, in medical terms was generally associated with the prevention and treatment of stones in the bladder and kidney area.

Since 1930, Heather, referred to by the medical profession as Herba Callunae, has been acknowledged by many doctors and chemists as effective against arthritis, spleen complaints, formation of stones, stomach and back ache, even paralysis and tuberculosis. This remarkable plant, which is quite safe for use by diabetics, is also known to be good for sore throats, gout, catarrh and coughs. Some say it even cleanses the blood getting rid of exzema and fevers.
Medical herbalists, to this day, use Calluna vulgaris in the treatment of certain disorders. Containing tannin and several other components, it is used particularly in the treatment of cystitis (bladder infection), as its action is diuretic and antimicrobial.
In the mountain regions of Europe the plant is still used to make a linement for arthritis and rheumatism by softening the herb in alcohol.

People whom experiences neck/shoulder pain and insomnia :
Apply 3 oil with cream on the affected area, followed by drinking this cup of warm tea. You will feel the reduction in joint pain accompanied with better sleep.

Ou Shi Nan - Alternative to chamomile
Being a determined person who always work to research and experiment, I am only convinced by results and its benefits. Many people including myself who drank chamomile does not experience the calming effect. Although many research publication said otherwise, personally, I do not believe that chamomile helps in sleep.

My teacher once said - "herbal power will evolve over time. In future, if you find a herb that works, remember to share the findings." Having heard that, I was not very sure if I would be able to do it as there are many species of flowers in this world. The challenge was to find the right herb. Believe it or not, I dreamt of this flower. It may sound fantasy-liked, but that dream gave me the inspiration to research and experiment on Ou Shi Nan, which it worked and I strongly believed it will be a new generation flower to help people.

In a nutshell, as lifestyle and quality of life changes overtime, chamomile may not be as suitable for us now. I wrote this blog post with love and passion that Ou Shi Lan will help many. Afterall, it is priced at an affordable tag of appro. SGD 6 for a big bottle and you could get it at most medical hall. Why not give it a try?


Sunshine said...

Before your post, I have started falling in love with camomile tea, it makes me sleep very well and the calming effect is just great.

Anonymous said...

Nevertheless, thank you Bryan
Laoshi for sharing. Grateful and

Anonymous said...

Where to buy? What is the name of the tea to mention? I asked the medical shops they say don't have such things.