Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dearest All

I heard the flower which I introduced on radio was sold out in Chinatown within a day.

I really didn't know .... . So far, many people tried and sms me that its effective for sleep.

Anyone who knows where its available other then Chinatown, let us know the address so that everyone can benefit :)


Anonymous said...

I went to ghim moh branch today but was Sold out too. They told me stock will arrive tmr evening. Interested , pls call to reserve.

Anonymous said...

I knew it will be sold out once your announcement. So i googled and bought at teajoy (420 north bridge road #01-05 north bridge centre 188727). Is a bit expensive there; $20 per packet and they sell other type of flower tea). I tried last night, I slept well:) Another good flower tea is wu wang wo. I slept well for 3 nights after Bryan's intro during last sat class.